Today's Slickdeals: Asus Ultrabook, Corsair PSU, a Couple of Radeons and More

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InsideSin 2 years ago

I love the deals on the extremely cheap graphics card and PSU! Makes for building a very inexpensive lower end computer. Only warning is a review I've read about the Corsair CX430

"Quiet and trouble free for two years - but the initial new unit failed after only two months. Required return at my expense to the U.S. for a warranty replacement. Discovered that the low power units are not manufactured by the same supplier as the high-end units so Corsair's reputation isn't necessarily transferable across their line."

Jaybk26 2 years ago

Thanks Hothardware for the sweet deals. That laptop might just make it as a Christmas present for my brother.

AKnudson 2 years ago

Jay how much do you love me? because if i have too i'll rig the Christmas drawing so you get my name, and buy me that laptop.

nicoletoledo 2 years ago

Sweet deals sweat savings. Super. What i like the most is the low end gpu getting cheaper good for entry gaming rig for my son.

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