TiVo Adds Hundreds Of Free Web Video Channels

TiVo users now have more content options than ever before. Starting today, TiVo is making hundreds of free Web videos available to TiVo Series3, TiVo HD, and TiVo HD XL subscribers. In addition to the new channels from outlets such as CBS, FOX, Oprah, and G4, any video podcast provider can now publish video content to TiVo DVRs using RSS and H.264 video.

The new podcast channels are part of TiVo’s suite of free Web videos. Users have the option of watching videos instantly or setting a Season Pass recording so new videos will be automatically downloaded to their Now Playing List as they are published. Users can also stream content not listed by TiVo by entering the URL for a video podcast within the Video On Demand menu.

"What makes this announcement unique is that everyone has the ability to publish their content to the TiVo DVR for users to watch on the best screen in the home, using open industry standards such as RSS and H.264 video," said Evan Young, senior director of broadband services for TiVo Inc. "With a robust library of Web videos already available through the TiVo DVR, and the ability to enter the URL for other podcasts you want, this announcement puts the control in the hands of the user to search for and retrieve exactly what they want to watch and from the comfort of the couch."

The TiVo podcast channels and episodes are indexed in TiVo Search, making it easy to search for content using the TiVo user interface. For more information on how to publish content to the TiVo DVR, visit http://www.tivo.com/rssvideo.

Via:  PR Newswire
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BurgendyBlues 5 years ago

That's pretty interesting, but entering in the feed url is going to take a lot of time and patience especially if it's long. Just make sure if you're pushing out a podcast you be sure to include the crossdomain xml file otherwise it won't work.
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Michael A 5 years ago

We've always said a TiVo is a lot more than a DVR - there are tons of things these units can do like streaming music from your Mac or PC, Yahoo! email, and of course Netflix streaming and Amazon Unbox. There's so much here, I rarely use my DVD player for video or music.

There's a good list of all of the networking features at the bottom of this page:


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