Thermaltake Launches Next Generation Toughpower XT PSU Series

Thermaltake Launches Next Generation Toughpower XT PSU Series

Ferocious Till The End With Enhanced Wattage

Thermaltake Technology, leading DIY computer components and power supply brand, today announced a new edition of the award-winning “Toughpower XT” line of high-end PC power supply units. The New Toughpower XT with 25 watts more than other brands in the market. This added wattage is meant to enhance the system upgrade potential. Special features such as the DC-DC Converter Module, Double Forward technology and the new Active PFC circuit design increase the PSU’s efficiency up to 89%, while at the same time improving system stability and reliability. The New Toughpowr XT utilizes high quality 105°C / 221? Japanese made solid state capacitors and latest PCI-E 6pin & PCI-E 6+2pin connectors to support latest multi-graphics solutions such as SLI and CrossFire X.

The four models of the new Toughpower XT series are all 80 PLUS Bronze certified, they come in four versions with 575W, 675W, 775W and for demanding power users and hardcore gamers with 875W. All of this ensures that even power-hungry setups run at highest efficiency, thereby helping you to effectively save real cash on your next electricity bill while at the same time doing something good for the environment.

Traditional power supplies tell you nothing about the status of your PSU, so users find no way to protect their PSUs against failure. To help you monitor your power supply status, the Toughpower XT Series utilizes the S.P.T. indicator to display the Standby mode, the Power good signal, and the Temperature of your PSU, bringing you real-time monitoring over the power supply. The New Toughpower XT’s exclusive 12Vin1 provides for a powerful single 12V rail for best compatibility. The unique FanDelayCool feature enables the 14cm fan to keep running 15-30 seconds after system shutdown to prolong the lifetime of PSU components.

The New Toughpower XT series by Thermaltake offers users an advanced power supply solution, striking the perfect balance between reliability, efficiency and quality. With the DC-to-DC voltage converter module, a 14cm cooling fan, S.P.T Indicator, 12Vin1, FanDelayCool function and 80 PLUS® Bronze certification, the New Toughpower XT power supplies are the ideal solutions for system builders and quality-minded enthusiasts alike.

The New Toughpower XT 575W, 675W, 775W and 875W will be available at a suggest retail price of $109, $135, $145 and $159 respectively.

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rapid1 4 years ago

Power supplies are a compenent a lot of people forget to put an emphasis on in general. These look nice of course I would like to see a real world benchmark rather than believe there promo. I do imagine because of the added 25 watts of available power that the are closer to the normal PSU's at there (the other PSU's), intended delivery wattage. I know in general PSU's usually (especially off brand etc like rosewill) overstate there capacities. So I bet say a 775 would be stable or even better than the norm of 750 actively deliverable power.

M-ManLA 4 years ago

Wonder if it is already available...

bighorse 4 years ago

I have a Thermaltake PSU in my PC and it has had no probems for the 3 years I have had it. Their PSU line has been top notch and with these improvements,. they will continue to be one of the best.

realneil 4 years ago

A good power supply is the most important part of your system. Without one, you're starting out on the wrong foot and you're looking for, and going to experience problems. I usually try to replace them every two or three years, even if they're still working, since when they die, they can take a lot of the other components in your system along with them too.

I favor SeaSonic 80 Plus Bronze Certified PSU's normally. I have a CoolerMaster that's two years old and still works well. I've had good experience with Corsair PSU's too.

I always avoid ANTEC PSU's because of a multitude of problems experienced with them by me and others too.

rapid1 4 years ago

Yeah I have one of the Corsair 750's in my rig. You are right on the Seasonic units though. Those are some of the best, and to tell you the truth. I would not be surprised if a Coolermaster, or Corsair was a be re-branded Seasonic. PSU's are kind of strange in that there are only a couple places that actually make them. Most are re-branded or at least quite a large percentage.

rapid1 4 years ago

One of the things I think that is confusing especially for someone who is new to building would be the Psu rating system. My unit is supposed to be Silver rated, but someone who was looking, and was new to it would be confused. Some are rated some are not, and then you have bronze and up.

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