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The Xbox turns a profit!

The Xbox turns a profit!

It must be really cold outside, because something just froze over.  It appears the Xbox has managed to turn a profit.

In the last six years, there's been one constant when discussing Microsoft's foray into the strange and seductive world of video game console manufacturing: they had yet to turn a profit on any of it. No more, with today's announcement of Microsoft's second quarter earnings which showed a relatively impressive six-month income of $524 million (compared to a $423m loss during the same period last year) from the the Xbox's Entertainment and Devices Division.

Before you go thinking that was all thanks to the Zune and PC game sales, the company's 10-Q filing states that the EDD's increased revenue was "primarily due to increased Xbox 360 platform sales."

Now if the PS3 could turn a profit, all would be well with the world.  Except for global warming, peak oil, oops ... better stop before we depress everyone.

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They only turned a profit becuase folks had to buy them several times over. I personally bought one, it died and was out of warranty so I had to buy another. Then MS turns around with this 3 year warranty crap after I already bought a new one. The new one lasted 4 months and then it died. I got it repaired under warranty and all is good. My brother has been thru 2. My buddy has been thru 4. If they would have built something reliable then they would still be in the hole!

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