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Survey Says Half of Window 8 Users Prefer Windows 7: Shocker! It's a New UI

Survey Says Half of Window 8 Users Prefer Windows 7: Shocker! It's a New UI

Windows 8 is still weeks away from release, but the preview versions have given many users a chance to form opinions. And, of course, there are always people who have opinions before they take an OS for a spin. To find out what people are thinking about the upcoming operating system, Windows 8 Forums recently surveyed 50,000 people and broke down the results. You might be surprised by what the survey found.

The stat that’s going to get the most attention from the public is that Windows 7 is still getting 53% of respondents to peg it as their preferred OS. Windows 8 slides in at 25%. That shouldn’t be too surprising: we’re all very familiar with the Windows 7 interface. Window 8 has a new UI and there’s bound to be a getting-to-know you period for many users – even for some who have tried the preview version. It’s pretty typical for changes to the Windows UI to cause a minor furor that dissipates several months after the OS is released.

Windows 8 on An HP Envy

Interestingly, the Windows 8 interface isn’t the biggest problem for many users. According to Windows 8 Forums, 35% of respondents pointed to the price as being a big issue for them. With pricing looking to be about $200 for people who don’t take advantage of the $40 upgrade, many respondents aren’t pleased.

Windows 8 Forums also notes that Windows 8 Surface got positive reactions from its readers, with 35% liking Windows 8 Surface as the tablet for them. It will be interesting to see how the numbers change (or don’) six months from now, when the dust is settling.

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Not Vista?

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Vista eventually became Windows 7...

Basically, too many people had already made up their minds on Vista. So no one was giving it a chance or even bothered to notice that most of the issues were fixed with the SP1 update.

Mind XP got a total of three SP updates before it had most of its flaws patched up, it really didn't take off until after the second SP release, but unlike XP no one was going to give Vista another chance.

So MS wound up tweaking it a little more and then renamed it Windows 7 to shed the Vista stigma... even then, it wasn't until this year that the number of Windows users started to really switch to Windows 7 and back around the beginning of July is when it finally broke 50% of the Windows market. Though that at least partly had to do with the fact that MS announced that XP will finally lose all support by April 2014.

Lots of people just like to over simplify the history and compare essentially knee jerk reaction comparisons between the Windows versions without noting that even the successful ones weren't necessarily successful right from the beginning.

MS basically has always released each Windows version before it was fully finished. So the main differences is how severe was the the remaining rough edges to the OS and how severe the public reaction was to those flaws before MS could get it patched.

There are also those who just want MS to fail for various reasons, but whether Windows 8 succeeds or fails is something we'll have to wait and see what happens.

It doesn't help that many won't even acknowledge that the reason why there has long been so many custom themes and 3rd party UI modifiers available for Windows is because it has never really satisfied everyone but people adapt and find ways to make Windows work the way they want. So act like Windows 8 will only ever be the way MS presents it, but utilities and custom themes are already being developed. Some are already available like Classic Shell and a few others.

Mind, no previous version of Windows has tried to break out of the desktop only usage and is one of the reasons why Windows has never succeeded on tablets... Also mind MS isn't forcing a rapid adoption as they'll still support Windows 7 till 2020. They're even specifically providing support to allow Windows 8 to work alongside Windows 7.

So Windows 8 is a new experiment that we can't really compare to previous Windows releases and that means we'll have to wait and see how things develop.

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I've been using the Win-8 preview for a while, and I hated it at first.

After I got used to it, I only dislike it now.

It's true that I'm comparing it to Win-7, but Win-7 is what I already own multiple copies of and upgrading all of my P's would be expensive. So my motivation to upgrade is tempered by the costs.

Once you put the costs aside, I like the tried and true OS that I have now better. Win-8 doesn't have enough under the hood to tempt me.

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I'm with reilneil. It's not a complete abomination, just a design-by-committee that lends itself more to kiosks than efficient operation.

It reminds me of the recent Kodak article. You have a company with a lot of talented people, where the direction is not being controlled by the people that actually have revolutionary ideas, but by people copying things they deem profitable. And, at least Kodak stuck with what they know... while MS is chasing UI designs that don't translate to the ergonomics of the desktop, right after Win7 finally got the task bar to look like ArthurOS.

For now, Win7 is the new XP. Expect to see companies running this for 4 to 5 years *at a minimum*. Win9sp1 is the next gold.

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do not rush to decide before you get used to windows 8. It isdefinitely better than Win7. The downside of it is that even if i am some what power user, it got time for me to get used to it. Standard end user would have hard times at first while doing very simple tasks, but i guess after you solve some basic tasks you would not prefere win7 to win8.

It has quite a few improvements over win7

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