Spunky Lenovo Stands By Statement to Whip Dell and Become Second Largest PC Vendor

Occasionally when a company talks to the Chinese media, statements get lost in translation or twisted out of context by the time they're converted to English. It happens, and had we awoken to find Lenovo denying reports it told a Chinese newspaper it fully expects shove Dell aside to become the world's second largest PC vendor in the world (in terms of market share) by the end of the year, we wouldn't have been surprised. But lest anyone doubt Lenovo was completely serious or that the company's comments had somehow been misconstrued, Lenovo today issued an open statement reiterating it expects to surpass Dell sooner rather than later.

"Lenovo has tremendous momentum in the market. We continue to not only outgrow the market, but also significantly outpace our competitors. With our own rapid growth, combined with the successful execution of our joint venture in Japan with NEC and our acquisition of Medion in Germany, we fully expect to be number 2 in worldwide PCs this year," Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang said in a statement. "PCs continue to be a very strong core business for us. Even as we invest in new areas like tablets and mobile internet, we see great opportunity in PCs around the world. We are committed to the PC space for the long term and expect it to continue to fuel profitable, balanced global growth for Lenovo."

Lenovo points out that for seven straight quarters, it has been kicking ass and taking names as the fastest growing major PC maker, and in Q1 hit a personal record high for both market share (12.2 percent) and unit sales (over 10 million) worldwide, propelling the company ahead of Acer for the No. 3 spot.

In China, which recently surpassed the U.S. as the largest PC maker, Lenovo is the top dog and continues to extend its lead over the competition. Lenovo's also No. 1 around the globe in emerging markets, and is the world's second largest vendor of all-in-one PCs.

Dell, your retort?
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realneil 3 years ago

Lenovo has more to worry about from Acer than Dell. Dell quit innovating a long time ago, but Acer is in high gear.

Love the picture.

PhantomGeek 3 years ago

Glad to see a company try and achieve a constructive goal :) I'm not very "in the know" when it comes to such things, but would Asus not also be company they might want to keep their eye on?

ThunderBird 3 years ago

Nothing like a little smack talk to stir the pot!!!!

Let's get it on!!!!!

omegadraco 3 years ago

Haha, Lenovo reminds me of monkeys flinging poo with this statement. I agree ACER is certainly a company they need to keep their eye on, but I also think ASUS and MSI seem to be stepping up their game at least in the mobile market.

Drake_McNasty 3 years ago

I agree with this but at the same time I think enterprises are going to go for the larger companies like Acer and Lenovo. I know for a fact my company wouldn't go for MSI products, which is unfortunate. I don't like to see companies fail but I wouldn't mind seeing dell in the #4 spot instead of #2.

mhenriday 3 years ago

From my experience in helping retirees with computer problems, I'd find it hard to recommend an Acer due to what seem to be frequently experienced problems with quality and reliability. The little experience I've had with Lenovo machines, however, would indicate that they here do a much better job. But these are merely my subjective impressions - do any HH readers know of a site where statistics on things like returns due to defects (RMAs) are published ? I'm familiar with one such site - the French HARDWARE.FR (www.hardware.fr) - but they only publish statistics for computer components like mother boards, PSUs, memory cards, graphic cards, and HDDS and SSD - rather than entire computers....


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