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Sprint's iPhone 5 Won't Work With HD Voice

Sprint's iPhone 5 Won't Work With HD Voice

If you're a Sprint customer who's anxiously counting down the days until you can get your hands on a shiny new iPhone 5, there's something you might want to know: Although the iPhone 5 has a lot to offer, Sprint's version of HD Voice won't work with the new phone. That's not to say you can't enjoy the shiny new phone and place clear calls on Sprint's network, but if you're uber-picky about clarity, just know you won't be able to use HD Voice.

Apple has advertised the iPhone 5 as supporting "wideband audio" which carriers often market as HD Voice. Sprint's spokesperson Michelle Leff Mermelstein recently told Phone Scoop that its version of HD Voice, which uses CDMA 1X Advanced technology, is incompatible with Apple's new phone. Other carriers use WCDMA networks to offer similar voice-quality enhancements.

We doubt this will be a deal-breaker to most customers, especially considering Sprint still offers a great unlimited data plan.

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I do not own any products by APPLE and I do not use Sprint. I have never bought a single song from iTunes the only interactions I have had with them are very slight, my Mom had an APPLE IIe for work when I was in middle school but I did not use it as we had a Commodore 64 downstairs for all of us kids. One of my room mates a long time ago (Daniel) had an Apple computer but I never used it, and I have repaired APPLE machinery from time to time as the internal hardware is exactly the same even though it cost 1-200% more generally because it is APPLE certified (even though it is exactly the same as a comparable general PC part with nothing different but a single boot code) and APPLE is very proprietary.

Plus APPLE inhibits technology as far as I see it and I will never knowingly use one of there products because of that!

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