Spotify Signups Now Open To All In U.S.

Spotify just keeps getting bigger and bigger. As streaming media becomes the norm (and the expectation), more and more users are flocking to all-you-can-listen services such as Spotify. Despite only arriving in America months back, the service is already grabbing a ton of traction here and they're about to make an even bigger splash.

Before, you needed a Spotify invite in order have access. Now, it's open to all in America, and better still, the first six months of unlimited music streaming are totally free. Totally free! Talk about a tease. After those six months are up, you'll be faced with ten free hours of streaming per month, unless you opt for the $10/month premium service. So, have you signed up yet?

Via:  Spotify
CKaye 3 years ago

darn.. and here i assumed i was lucky....and it was completely free. oh well. guess i'll have 6 months to enjoy. Thanks for sharing

omegadraco 3 years ago

Wow that did not take long. It's a really great service I think to sample music that you might like before buying since you get to listen to entire albums or songs rather than snippets and they have a huge library.

Aoshi 3 years ago

I've been thinking about getting a spotify. I haven't downloaded it or anything. Is it better than iTunes? I only use itunes for my ipod. So i don't really think I need it.

inspector 3 years ago

Aoshi, that depends if your going to use the free or paid version. the free version you can listen to all the music you want for 6 months before your are limited. the paid i would say is better then itunes but you have to pay monthly/

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