Sony VAIO Z Might Be The Most Insane Ultraportable Ever

Sony is underappreciated in the notebook business. There's just no two ways about it. The company's VAIO lineup is probably the most fashion-forward PC laptop range out there, and even though they're expensive, there's hardly a better choice when style is atop your priority list.

The VAIO Z is a new machine with remarkable innards. Designed to shatter performance records and blow anyone away that looks at it, the Z series features a Core i7-620M processor, a quad-SSD setup (yes, four SSDs), NVIDIA's GeForce GT 330M GPU (with Dynamic Hybrid Graphics system), a carbon fiber design and one of the highest resolution 13.3-inch displays that we've ever seen. There's an option for a 1920x1080 panel at just 13.3", which is crazy and awesome at the same time.

Other specifications include 6GB of RAM and a weight of just 1.45kg, and of course Windows 7 is the OS loaded on. No price is mentioned, but with specs like this, we're guessing it'll be one of the most expensive ultraportables to ship this year.

When only the very best will do, the breathtaking new VAIO Z Series of ultra-mobile notebook computers from Sony is your ultimate travel companion.

The slim, exquisitely styled new Z Series doesn’t compromise on mobility, looks, connectivity or stamina. What’s more, it delivers shattering performance to rip through your business computing needs – saving precious time and boosting your personal productivity.

Alongside up to 6GB of RAM to handle your applications, The Quad solid state drives can write data in parallel on a maximum of four SSDs, making process at incredible speeds. Smaller and lighter than conventional HDD arrays, it’s tearing through file transfers up to 6.2x faster (compared with HDD 5400 rpm) to save precious time when every second counts.

Graphics performance is often sacrificed on ultra-portable notebooks – but not with the new VAIO Z Series. The integrated NVIDIA® GeForce® GT330M graphics chipset with 1GB GDDR3 VRAM makes light work of media-rich documents, presentations, movie playback and more. A new Dynamic Hybrid Graphics System intelligently optimises performance to match your workflow. As an alternative to manually selecting graphics modes, AUTO mode detects usage conditions, switching automatically between STAMINA and SPEED modes to suit the task at hand.

Weighing below 1.45kg, the all-new VAIO Z Series is crafted to the highest standards in weight-saving yet durable carbon fibre and aluminium for maximum portability and robustness. Enhancing the notebook’s beautiful design, the tough yet light palmrest is precision-machined from a single thick slab of aluminium.

Whether you’re fine-tuning a presentation or enjoying your personal media collection, you’ll get a better picture with the Full HD 1920 x 1080 (model VPCZ11Z9E) VAIO Display Premium. Measuring 33.3cm (13.1”), this high-efficiency screen with LED backlighting offers exceptional brightness, clarity and contrast. An exceptionally wide colour gamut of 96% Adobe RGB coverage ensures rich, vibrant reproduction of Full HD video and still images.

Extreme performance and mobility doesn’t come at the expense of business-class comfort. A built-in ambient light sensor detects when ambient surroundings are dark, automatically switching on keyboard backlighting for accurate typing while dimming screen illumination to save power.  

For extra convenience and peace of mind, a front panel-mounted ASSIST button gives one-touch access to VAIO Care. This easy-to-use new programme helps maintain, diagnose and troubleshoot your VAIO with just a few clicks.

Productivity is expanded further with VAIO Everywair 3G mobile broadband, connecting you to high-speed networks while on the move.

Powered by the latest generation of power-efficient Intel® Core™ processors, every new VAIO Z Series model is shipped with Genuine Windows® 7 Professional for best-ever business productivity.

A full range of add-ons includes a dedicated docking station, leather cases, mice and extended batteries. You can pre-order the new VAIO Z Series from Sony Style ( and enjoy a range of exciting options including noise-cancelling in-ear headphones and 8GB of memory. There’s also a choice of exclusive case patterns that add a luxuriously distinctive touch to your VAIO.

The new VAIO Z Series of high-performance ultra-mobile notebook computers by Sony is available from the end of March 2010.

Via:  Sony
gibbersome 4 years ago

The GT 330M is rated higher than the 240M, which is not too shabby at all. Core-i7, 6 GB RAM, 1920x1080 in 13.1" screen, multiple SSD slots and a more-than-capable video card, this is an amazing little laptop. Form and function under 1.5 kgs, I'm very impressed.

I'm afraid to ask the price.

rjr222 4 years ago

I am going to guess just over 3000US$ considering their current lineup.

mentaldisorder 4 years ago

VAIO's are no where in the realm of comprehension to me.  It may have nice specs, but they are not that reliable as far as computers go.  In which case I can't justify the price tag, that and I'm sure someone does the same setup for cheaper and with better reliability.

gibbersome 4 years ago

Hmmm...I have heard similar criticism of the VAIO's as well. It's easy to be seduced with sleek, slim styling, but perhaps it would be best to wait for review on this before considering the large asking price.

P.S. My guess is $3001 Smile

Soupstyle 4 years ago

Heh I am guessing 3500.

lol we should do a "the price is right" type game where we guess the cost of parts/systems when they are announced! Just don't be that jerk who bids $1 over the last person!

rapid1 4 years ago

I think at least the starting laptop in this line is 1999 which is really not to bad for what you get the other one I believe is 2499. I really don't think that is very bad for what you get (especially with 4 ssd drives). Well when I go to the Sony site and custom configure a one of these the 4 ssd is not even an option, although two is for a 1389 price addition. The initial prices are 1799 and 1849, so 1799 + 1389 for 2 ssd drives is 3188, which sounds like normal Sony bargains lol. The reason Sony is not recognized is because in general they are the Apple of PC OEM's.

gibbersome 4 years ago

@rapid1 They haven't released the new line yet. You're still configuring the older series. Yeah, and it's still ridiculously expensive, lol.

I also just checked and they're offering Windows XP downgrades on these? Are people still getting those with Windows 7 out?

Anakhoresis 4 years ago

I know three people who bought Vaios and had them break down insanely fast. Then when they tried to get them fixed through warranty, either Sony wouldn't do it, or actually managed to consistently ship it back with either the same problem, or something new broken.

I wouldn't trust it at all, never mind that the prices are always high.

gibbersome 4 years ago

Well that sucks. I guess I will revoke my earlier endorsement. Did this happen recently?

Alexa327 4 years ago

Ohh, I hate that my 1st post here isn't going to be ultra-positive, but I have to agree with everyone who pointed out Sony Vaio's many, many weaknesses. My VGN-CR590 cost me over $1,500.00 (via Sony's website) 18 months ago and the LCD and keyboard had to be sent back for complete replacement twice (white screen, they couldn't tell me if they'd even checked the inverter and video cable) even though I only took the notebook out of my room 3 times, kept it clean weekly and don't have iron hands. Bluetooth and Ethernet drivers had to be reinstalled after the one time I used the library's wireless router, A/C adapter died in 8 months and Sony was out of stock, LCD finally cracked last week after a minor bump (from my desk top to my bed), Sony wants $508.00 to replece it. I said no, and that I am never buying their computers again. Oh, did I mention the left key on the keypad that strted popping out on its own accord and Sony said it was non-replaceable? What about the fact that the computer was slower (and both times, they had to re-set the system to factory default, so more bloatware for me to spend ages getting rid of, not to mention re-installing the programs I needed) every time I got it back from their service center?

Sony makes very good looking, but pitiful, lousy, flimsy computers, I say stay far, far away from those, my friends. If they are "underrated", it's for a good reason, I'm sad to say.

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