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Sony Ships Dash Personal Internet Viewer

Sony Ships Dash Personal Internet Viewer

In January, Sony announced their Dash personal Internet viewer at CES. Now this new Wi-Fi device is finally shipping for just under $200. It's available at, Sony Style retail stores, and other dealers throughout the country. The Dash features a 7-inch color touch screen and over 1,000 free apps. The Dash also lets you view TV episodes, films and other video content on the device through BRAVIA Internet Video.


New Device Brings Real-Time Internet Content to You as a Dashboard For Your Online Life

SAN DIEGO, April 29, 2010 – Sony today announced that its new Dash™, a Wi-Fi touch screen device that pushes real-time, personalized Internet content to users in their homes or offices, is now available for about $199 at, Sony Style retail stores and other authorized dealers nationwide.

Featuring a 7-inch color touch screen, Dash uses your existing wireless internet connection to provide a continuous display of your selections from over 1,000 free apps, many provided by chumby industries, inc., including news, calendars, weather, sports, and social networking.  In addition, through BRAVIA® Internet Video, Dash can bring you TV episodes, films and additional video content and music from providers such as CBS™, Netflix, YouTube™, Pandora™, Slacker® and more.

“Sony’s Dash is always on and always fresh. No PC or smart phone needed,” said Brennan Mullin, senior vice president of Sony Electronics’ personal imaging and audio business. “With a wide library of free apps automatically pushed to you as well as access to a diverse network of more than 30 video channels, Dash is a great example of how Sony delivers the latest and most exciting content into consumers’ homes.”

With Dash, a playlist of your own personalized internet world is constantly refreshed and pushed to you, reducing the need to search for your favorite content or to log onto your favorite sites.  Dash also allows you to “wake up a whole new way” with music videos, internet radio, or any video content available on the Dash instead of a traditional alarm clock buzzer.

Further, Dash can multitask. For example, if used on a kitchen countertop, internet radio can be playing in the background while you use your Dash to follow a recipe step-by-step.

Adding to Dash’s impressive content offerings, CNBC™ and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia will each be offering apps for the Dash, displaying business news and market information as well as enabling you to access the highest quality simple recipes. In addition, Dr. Oz will provide a series of video health tips for Dash users.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia’s app for the Sony Dash, titled “Dinner Tonight™ Recipe of the Day,” will come pre-loaded on the device and will provide a daily recipe from Martha Stewart’s vast library of Everyday Food magazine recipes consisting of eight ingredients or less, as well as allow you the ability to utilize any of the daily “Dinner Tonight” recipes from the past month.

CNBC’s app will also be pre-loaded in the Sony Dash and will feature real-time financial and business news, market information, stocks to watch, and more. 

The video health tips provided by Dr. Oz are especially well suited for your wake-up experience. Each video is approximately one minute in length and provides specific steps you can take to live a healthier life.

In the coming weeks, Dash will be highlighted on several national broadcasts including Dr. Oz, Martha Stewart, CNBC, as well as in music videos from several high-profile Sony Music™ artists. Further information and details can be found on the Sony website at and at the Dash Facebook homepage at

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So are we supposed to stick it on our dashboard in the car :P

At least it has a USB so it might be able to handle a Clearwire jack. Although being that bulky in the butt, I don't really see taking it around anywhere. Although I do like it, and the price is right...this might make an interesting HT remote!

Wont take it in the car since I have a convertible. Those tops are more expensive!


"Sony’s Dash is always on and always fresh"

What does it have an infinity battery and built in air freshener!
Gee Sony really gets us. Thanks daddyO for staying so hip to our lingo and hipster ways :P

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Its actually a nicer looking Chumby   ! It uses Wifi so thats a plus.  Bluetooth would be cool if it supported Internet sharing through your phone. I wonder how thta app support will end up.

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It's an interesting concept, but I think the price would be enough to keep me away. That, and if this thing is being used as an alarm clock, wouldn't that display be a bit bright at night?

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