Sony Introduces Concept Alpha DSLR And Micro Four Thirds Competitor

A few years ago, many were shocked that Sony was attempting to tread on the grounds that were so well dominated by the likes of Nikon, Canon, FujiFilm and Olympus. The alpha DSLR series has proven to be a worthy competitor to those other brands, and Sony has continually pushed to improve it year after year. At this year's PMA (a major photography expo in America), Sony is debuting a new line of alpha gear, along with a slew of accessories.

The most important introduction is the new ultra compact camera with interchangeable lenses. Sony never mentions the words "Micro Four Thirds" specifically, so we are left to assume that this camera (if it were real, of course) would not accept the same lenses as the Olympus and Panasonic Micro Four Thirds bodies do. The new model is still a concept at this point, but it's pretty clear that Sony wouldn't be pouring R&D dollars into a Micro Four Thirds alternative if it never planned on making this camera a reality at some point.

The other major announcement is a concept alpha DSLR, one that would reportedly replace the long-standing A700 model that currently resides in Sony's lineup. No real details were provided about this, but two prototype lenses were introduced alongside of it: a 500mm F4 pro lens and a 24mm lens that would be great for landscape shots. Hopefully Sony will take all of this from the concept stage to the retail shelf shortly; the Micro Four Thirds segment in particular is just now gaining steam, and there's hardly a better time to get noticed than right now.

New concept α products being shown include an ultra compact model with interchangeable lenses, additions to the α family (including a successor to the α700), along with new TX5 and H55 Cyber-shot® cameras, new printers and other accessories.

α DSLR Camera

In addition to the current DSLR-A230, A330, A380, A500, A550, A850 and A900 digital SLR cameras, the following concept camera bodies and interchangeable lenses will be exhibited. Current interchange lenses, including Carl Zeiss® and G lens products will also be on display.

  • Concept model of an ultra-compact interchangeable lens digital camera system that packs the quality of a DSLR camera in an extraordinarily small body, along with interchangeable lenses
  • Mid-range concept camera for advanced users (a successor to the α700) as well as concept mainstream models
  • Prototype of a Super Telephoto Lens (500mm F4 G) with class-leading optical performance
  • Prototype of a Distagon T 24mm F2 ZA SSM, new Carl Zeiss wide angle lens for superior shots of landscapes and sweeping vistas

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rapid1 4 years ago

I wonder what the prices will be. From what I have seen directly on the DSLR level at the bottom end (starter type DSLR's up to 1000). Canon eats most of the competition rather handily. When you get above that the game changes considerably. The largest market segment is that bottom side of the DSLR market where most reside. Know Sony that specialized lens is probably one of there Sony only components, which I generally find ridiculous because Sony assumes there equipment is automatically better than anyone else. Then throw a component in there like batteries or memory card which no other equipment uses rather than the universal standard. This does however lock in the people who choose Sony making it a locked market, but does nothing for general progress in the field of technology.

realneil 4 years ago

They'll charge way too much for them. I'm glad that you don't have to spend a grand to get a decent digital camera these days either.

I have a little $300.00 Nikon CoolPix P-90 that is definitely the bomb for the price. (One single 28MM-680MM Zoom Lens, 12.1 Mega-Pixel) Cannon can't compete with it at that price point.

Inspector 4 years ago

i'll take that big white lens... lol

And so try about digital cameras not being a grand O.o, I got my digital camera for around 200 so its nice to see that everyone should be able to afford some short of camera.

rapid1 4 years ago

Yeah I use a Canon 10 mp unit, and it operates well. I also got it for around 200 to. I just want the better lens functionality as well as other capabilities of a DSLR. This will drop the prices on the 12.whatever mp units some and make them more affordable. I don't know if it will really go any higher than that though. Right now when you get to the 15mp units the price starts getting crazy (2500 or more), maybe it will drop them a bit to though.

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