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Sony Ericsson Tempts With Bargain-Priced 3G Naite? Cellphone

Sony Ericsson Tempts With Bargain-Priced 3G Naite? Cellphone

Sony Ericsson has been forced to take a long, hard look at their smartphone lineup with competition hitting from every angle, but it wasn't that long ago when the company's standard phones were their proverbial cup of tea. SE's sliders were amongst the nicest in the industry, and it's good to see the company still has what it takes in that arena.

The 3G-enabled Naite? has just been unleashed for the consumer realm, being made available in an unlocked form (meaning no contract is required to use it on AT&T or T-Mobile) for $159. It's one of the company's GreenHeart phones, which means that it's comprised of 50 percent post-consumer recycled plastic housing and has a low power consumption charger (.03W in standby mode); it also eliminates the paper user-manual and provides an integrated, in-phone e-manual in its place.

Checking e-mail, updating your Facebook status and staying on route with Google Maps is no problem at all, and of course you can expect top-notch multimedia capabilities and an integrated FM radio tuner. It's no Android phone, but for $159 without a contract, it's definitely not a bad secondary to keep around.

Sony Ericsson Delivers the Unlocked Naite Phone at Entry-Level Price
What: Sony Electronics Inc. announced today the Sony Ericsson 3G-enabled Naite? (pronounced ?nigh-tay?) unlocked handset, now available at Sony Style stores nationwide and for an affordable $159.

The newest addition to Sony Ericsson?s line of GreenHeart? handsets, Naite phones enable users to experience entertainment with reduced impact on the environment. Part of the GreenHeart program, the phone is comprised of 50 percent post-consumer recycled plastic housing and has a low power consumption charger (.03W in standby mode). It also eliminates the paper user-manual and provides an integrated, in-phone e-manual in its place.

The Naite phone makes it easy to check e-mail, enjoy conversational texting and even connect with friends through its integrated Facebook® application. The 3G-enabled Naite handset offers everything needed for a simple mobile phone experience, including: Google Maps? for Mobile and one-click Google® search functionality, integrated Bluetooth® Stereo for wireless audio streaming and a built-in FM radio with song recognition technology.

· SIMPLIFY: Staying connected is simple thanks to the Naite phone?s suite of communication features. With the Facebook application, users can instantly post photos using the Send to Facebook upload link, easily update their Facebook status and view their friends? latest updates. It also allows for Internet browsing and downloads with 3G speeds while its one-click Google functionality makes surfing the Web effortless. Users can also post videos, photos and more directly to their own mobile blog that comes with each Naite phone.

· NAVIGATE: Stay on track with Google Maps for Mobile functionality. Whether users need to find their current location or get directions to their next destination, the Naite phone will easily guide the way.

· LISTEN: Enjoy music on-the-go with the built-in stereo FM radio. TrackID? technology displays the artist and song title while its integrated Media Go? software provides a personalized music experience by allowing users to easily drag-and-drop their favorite MP3 tracks between any compatible PC and the Naite phone.

Why: Sony Electronics Inc. is the only authorized distributor of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications (SEMC) unlocked handsets in North America for Sony Ericsson. The benefits for consumers include the SEMC manufacturer?s warranty when bought through an authorized dealer, as well as full customer support for the Naite phone and other Sony Ericsson unlocked handsets.

Who: The Naite phone is for mobile phone users who are tapped into the latest in mobile phone design and technology and who typically purchase unlocked phones for their added features and the flexibility to switch phones whenever the latest technology is available.
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The pricing and functionality definitely seem to be decent on this unit. At least for a 3G phone. I personally am on Verizon for now, my upgrade hit's on the 18th of this month. So I am paying close attention to things hitting the market. I am also considering switching to Sprint because of the available options here in Atlanta. I can get 4G coverage with the Sprint/Clear option here, and I have looked in the map to make sure I am covered. Plus the pricing service availability package is attractive for 69 a month I could get unlimited everything, and my contract will be up in April as well.

I am however on a family share plan currently so I am weighing the options and costs as well as the advantages. I am glad Sony is doing there best to be a valid player in the market though. The more distributors there are in the ring, and especially with good units like this one. The better it is for me as well as all other consumers. So I am glad there making an effort. I am just curious as to why more companies are not joining the 4G platform in the US, as every provider except At&t which I would not use anyway, is moving to 4G ( on either full 4G or the adapted LTE protocol) by the end of this year to the middle of 2011.

Plus the speeds and solidity of connections on 4G are far superior to 3G as well as the default security.

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Sprint does offer the best plans right now of all the major carriers (price/features/reduced phone cost) and their 4G is already rolling out. However, the only thing out that uses 4G right now is their wireless internet cards and USB fobs. No 4G phones are out, from anyone.

That 69 a month plan is unlimited everything except voice. Of course, you get 450 minutes, free nights and weekends, and unlimited cell to cell (carrier does not matter) so if you can actually use all 450 then you talk *ALOT*. That plan will actually end up costing you about $80 a month after all the state/fed required taxes and such.

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Sony Ericsson has made their special place and image in the domain of communication. The innovative designs and sophisticated features of Ericsson phones are giving tough competition to other phone makers. These phones are designed as per modern need and demand of phone lovers. Most of the models form this company appears with highly advanced applications. The C905, Z780i, Yari, are smartphones and come blessed with unique looks and easily manageable features. Sony Ericsson phone is also able to support Internet facility, which can be easily made possible through its inbuilt rapid connectivity features like 3G HSDPA, EDGE, GPRS and WLAN Wi-Fi. It can be said that level of expectation of users have become higher with models of Ericsson.  Cash for Phones

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