Sony Cranks Memory Stick To 32GB, Won't Concede To SD/CF

While Sony has made strides to ditch its proprietary ways in some aspects, it certainly has more work to do in others. Take the memory card game for example. Most everyone these days uses a camera that supports either SD/SDHC or CF (CompactFlash). You'd probably have to search pretty hard to find anyone using xD, Memory Stick Pro or any other off-the-wall format.

That said, Sony's still a believe in the MSPro and MSPro Duo formats, as it has today introduced a new pair of flash cards for those who think 16GB cards are simply for suckers. The two cards offer the most capacity of any Sony-made flash card (32GB), as the 32GB PRO-HG Duo HX and 32GB PRO Duo models provide ample storage for those with devices that will support 'em.

The 32GB PRO-HG Duo HX card is designed to deliver optimal read and write speeds for cameras and camcorders shooting large/high-resolution clips. If you do lots of RAW shooting or 1080p capturing, this card is for you. The HX series offers a 20 MB/s read speed and 15 MB/s write speed, which is approximately three times faster than Sony’s PRO Duo media card. Considering that even Sony realizes how un-friendly this format is, the company even throws in a USB adapter so you can actually get content from your device to your machine. Thanks, Sony.

The new 32GB PRO-HG Duo HX Memory Stick and 32GB PRO Duo Memory Stick will be available at the end of September for around $249 and $199, respectively.
Via:  Sony
Xylem 5 years ago

Anybody still interested in a 32GB MS? Even people owning HDD VidCam would not want it I guess!! :)

infinityzen 5 years ago

Considering I bought a 16GB micro SDHC class 6 card for my phone for less than $60 and expect 32GB versions this year, this format might be in a little trouble. Granted it has higher speeds, but my card gives the minimum speed your going to get out of it in worse case while I'm betting these are rated at best case numbers.

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