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Shooter “The Walking Dead” Free On Xbox Live

Shooter “The Walking Dead” Free On Xbox Live

Is there a better way to celebrate the day after Christmas than by bashing the skulls of zombies who are intent on eating your flesh? The correct answer is, 'No, there is not, so sign me up!' Lucky for you, The Walking Dead: Episode 1 -- A New Day is free to download and play on Xbox Live (and iOS, if you prefer).

This is a great gift from Telltale Games. The Walking Dead series is a lot of fun and has already won several awards. If you've been hesitant to try it out, now is obviously the time, and then you can decide whether you want to splurge on the remaining Episodes.

Walking Dead

Speaking of which, Episodes 2-5 run 400 Microsoft Points a pop (1600 points for the whole lot), but be advised there's a rumor that each Episode will receive a one-day price drop on December 28, so you may want to wait until then before scooping them all up.
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I loved TWD. As soon as I discovered it, I basically went into a complete internet blackout for 3 days until I finished it to avoid spoilers. Clementine's voice acting was superb, and some of the decisions were ridiculously tough. I basically decided that I can't choose what's good or bad, and instead decided to follow what Clementine would want. Glad it's getting the recognition in deserves.

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