Sharp Announces Glasses-Free 3D Panels For Cellphones

Sharp Announces Glasses-Free 3D Panels For Cellphones

3D is going places that you never thought possible, and honestly, in more places than you probably ever imagined. Just a couple of years ago, 3D was seen as a has-been format that died out in the 80s. Today, it's the "next big thing." As if taking over the cinema and your living room weren't enough, 3D is also coming to handheld gaming consoles. And maybe, your next phone.

Sharp has announced that it will start making "advanced 3D displays for cellphones and other mobile devices that don't require special viewing glasses," so it's very likely that 3D versions of devices you already own will start popping up soon. The great news here is that no extra glasses are required, which is a big deviation from what currently exists on the market. We get the impression that glasses-free 3D is difficult with large screens, but maybe not when sized down to something as small as a phone or portable media player. We also know from experience that the 3D effect is far less when viewing a small panel, so we're guessing that these won't be nearly as amazing to look at as Avatar in a 3D cinema.

But still, it's added depth, and it's a way to improve upon a device without dramatically innovating. A new panel is certainly innovative, but it's not like we haven't seen this kind of change before. We've gone from CCFL to LED backlights, from LCDs to OLEDs, and now, from 2D to 3D. There's no sales target (and thus, no price and solid release date) for the 3D panels, but with Nintendo already announcing a 3D DSi, we would not be surprised in the least to hear that Sony was thinking about a 3D version of the PlayStation Portable. And can you imagine the hype that would surround a 3D iPhone or iPad? On second thought, we'd probably rather not.
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I would! 3D iPhone better come out! :D This would be so awesome if this works and is released!

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OOOH, A linticular top screen and a Multiplane separation on the image. How imaginative.

Just another way for corporations to Squeeze more bucks out of an old fad, without actually having to come up with something original!

If they started paying the people who actually come up with the ideas, 40 Million+percentage royalties instead of those aging actors. (There is only one thing they do, Look Pretty!!!) Even in Video games! I mean come on, Do they really have to pay the actors more than the guy who imagined the game? What good is having Sulu voice a character if it is only going to take away from the development budgets! Then maybe they would have some new content that could be a whole new market for them! Imagine the next Star Wars, Terminator, Simpson's, Star Trek That is out there right now. Except the person with that idea doesn't want to come forward because it will be either stolen or they wont get paid for it!

Instead lets rehash the old stuff as much as we can because we don't have to pay anyone since they are long gone. Then when that stops working lets slap it in 3D and once again it will be completely new! So have fun with Clash of the Titans :P Personally I will stick with the original version, and show some respect to Harryhausen. Without going out to support their evil ways by paying(Voting) even MORE bills at the Ticket counter!

I know it should say cynicalanimatortom for my title, But I just want things to be original like they were in the 70's and 80's,without all the corporate corruption and greed!

Or, to this issue, continue to buy new DS's or PSP's every time they get a small upgrade :P Suckkas :)

This should be just an add on screen that you can buy for around thirty bucks!

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I disagree with you actually; I feel that 3D really does add immersion to your gaming experience, and while it's not the most innovative, it certainly is impressive on such a small device.

I agree that its rather annoying how all game console manufacturers continually come out with slightly improved versions, you don't have to buy one each time, or at all. I still have my original PSP and an initial release DS.

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3D is going places that you never thought possible, and honestly, inmore places than you probably ever imagined.

I find it funny and amazing on how 3D is finally launching at an alarming rate. I would imagine it has something to do with a certain movie that was released a few months ago. (AVATAR) After James Cameron created his Virtual and 3D cameras I guess companies finally said that it was time to bring 3D to the mainstream. 

Just a couple of yearsago, 3D was seen as a has-been format that died out in the 80s.

Ah no doubt there. 3D hasn't been done right, and it's been throwing viewers stray. The problem is the fact that Directors and anything that dealt with 3D, wasn't actually considered 3D. You always had this cliches in horror movies with the whole flying limb coming towards the movie screen. 3D has never been given justice and done right until now. In today's world, a 3D movies literally means that the entire movie was shot in 3D.

As if taking over the cinema and your livingroom weren't enough, 3D is also coming to handheld gaming consoles. Andmaybe, your next phone.

See this is what surprised me, even though I know that I shouldn't be surprised. I guess it threw me for a loop, because consumer friendly 3D TV's are so new, and the technology is so immature that we would have to see another quantum leap in this technology in order to expand it to all versions of mass communications. 

But, on the flip side, I imagine that creating 3D for handhelds would both be easier and more difficult because you are working with smaller technology on a smaller screen. 

 We get the impression that glasses-free3D is difficult with large screens, but maybe not when sized down tosomething as small as a phone or portable media player. 


We also knowfrom experience that the 3D effect is far less when viewing a smallpanel, so we're guessing that these won't be nearly as amazing to lookat as Avatar in a 3D cinema

That's unfortunate, but I say go for it regardless.

The future is 3D. There isn't a doubt in my mind about that. I predict it will take at least 2-4 more years for 3D to REALLY hit the homes and whathaveyou of consumers across the world.  

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Now don't get me wrong, I still love 3D!!

It is just my firm belief that they should roll out one technology and not try to make us buy many different variations of 3D. What they want to do is sell you a new and better version every year so you have to rush out and buy just to keep up with the jones's!

I have two sets of the 3D system that came with the IMAX 3D system, and they are still great. Funny thing is that back in 98' they were cheaper than what they are rolling out now and they are the exact same technology!

If they want us to pay the exurbanite ticket prices, then we should be able to buy one set for each member of the family! That way we can use them at home or the theatre, and we wouldn't have to worry about all the extra fees on top of the 17dollar ticket!

We have been exploring way cooler tech since the mid 90's, it is only now that they are pushing to roll us for this old tech. If you really want an amazing 3D experience that requires glasses. Then a Virtual screen system would save all the hassle of using a TV, projector, monitor or whatever. That will give you unlimited size in a set of glasses without having to have a head lock on the TV set.

Even in the theatre, these types of glasses could be used to project images within the glasses, to allow you to digitally follow the objects as they go around the room.

If they really want to impress me, then let us take off the glasses and get the same effect without the jacked up price:P

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