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Sharkoon Introduces Rush Waterproof Gaming Mousepad

Sharkoon Introduces Rush Waterproof Gaming Mousepad

We recently covered a waterproof keyboard, which is just fine by itself, but the real mess-maker needs a full complement of waterproof accessories. Wouldn't want that coffee spill to not injure your keyboard, but totally ruin your mousepad, right? Sharkoon, an off-the-wall accessory maker, has just introduced their newest mousing pad, and it's two things primarily: cheap, and waterproof.

What's interesting is that you could argue that any hard-surfaced mousepad was "waterproof," as you can simply wipe away the beads of water and continue on. Well, as long as no liquid got up under your trackball or laser. But the difference here is that it's a textile pad, which certainly reminds more of mousepads 10 years ago than ones made today. But some folks do love that "cushion" feel, and we suspect Sharkoon is aiming for that crowd with this.

The new Rush Gaming pad is one of the larger ones we've seen, and the company promises that dust, crumbs and liquids won't penetrate the surface. It's built for the "low-sense gamer," who plays with a lower resolution and requires more freedom of movement. For LAN party people, it's easily rolled up and carried along. The pad is available now for 14.99 euros, but we aren't sure if a U.S. release is incoming.

Waterproof Textile Mouse Pad for Gamers

Heavy duty textile pad in large format with 444 x 345 mm / MSRP 14.99 euros

Sharkoon has now expanded it's specifically designed for gamers "Rush" product series to mouse pads: The Sharkoon Rush Gaming Mouse pad in its large size defines itself with precise sliding qualities and also with a new, strainable textile surface in particular for demanding PC gamers.

Exceptional tightly woven fibers and an elaborate manufacturing process ensure the texture is abrasion resistant and water proof. Dust, crumbs, and liquids will not penetrate into the fabric and can simply be wiped off. Ruinous and unattractive coffee or sweat stains are a thing of the past. In addition, the granular texture ensures fast and precise mouse movements with the rubberized base keeping the pad in place even in the most hectic situations.

The mouse pad has a thickness of 4mm and offers a 444mm x 345mm edge length which provides a generous action surface particularly for the Low-Sense-Gamer, who plays with less mouse resolution and requires freedom of movement. The cloth pad is suitable for all mouse types, and the mouse pad can simply be rolled together for easy transport.

The Rush Outplay has already successfully passed the test of a demanding gamer. Jan "moon" Stolle, who is a multiple German Counter-Strike 1.6 champion with "Team ALTERNATE," provides the assessment: "The pad has a very fast surface due to the special yarn used. The Slap Stick Effect (Status Friction Effect) is reduced to a minimum by the rough surface texture. Therefore, even smaller mouse movements are extremely precise! The sensitivity remains constant during a long period. For me, a genuine alternative to my plastic pad! My recommendation!"

End customers will find the Sharkoon Rush Outplay Gaming Mouse pad available immediately for the retail price 14.99 euros in authorized retailers.

For further questions, to request samples and/or photos, or other information please contact us or go to

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Cool i might want one of these. i need a new mouse pad anyways :D.

So whens the waterproof mouse coming out? were also missing a water proof screen and case then i can have a computer underwater!

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So this would not absorb any moisture whatsoever? I have a regular mousepad, and I've spilled liquids on it without too much of a problem.

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Just the thing for those of us who play WoW in the bath!

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I will have to remember these when I want to take a bath with my laptop or go swimming with it for under water webcam pics right! This makes no sense I would never get a keyboard or a mouse in or near water being as they are electronic devices. Not to mention having to have your computer with them to use them near water.

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Knowing what I do of marketing, I can imagine how this came about.

DESIGNER: Here you are, the latest gaming mousepad!

MARKETING GUY: These things are always a hard sell. What's unique about this one?

D: Well, er, um, it's nice and firm... it's large, which appeals to the low-sense gamer--

M: Maybe we shouldn't call people that. Sounds insulting.

D: --professional gamers like it--

M: (sracastically) Yeah, I read that we're doing pretty well in the Winter Olympics Shaun White Snowboarding competition. (looks into distance) Maybe we can slip Jan Stolle a few Euros to mention it.

D: --and it's larger than most, it's THIS big-- (spreads hands, knocks over cup of coffee onto mouse pad)

M: Whoops! Dang, get a napkin before it sinks... in...

D and M watch as the cold coffee beads on the mousepad. They then face each other, grinning.

M: I think we just found our hook.

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