Samsung's SH-B083 Internal Optical Drive Reads Blu-ray, Burns CD/DVD

Blu-ray adoption may slowly be growing, but that's not stopping Samsung from trying to hasten the process. Today, the company introduced its first-ever internal Blu-ray Disc combo drive, with the ability to read BD-R and BD-ROM discs at 8x. It'll also read CDs at up to 40x and DVDs at up to 16x.

With Samsung’s fast dual layer jumping algorithm, the new SH-B083 COMBO drive features an average access speed of 350ms which is much faster than any other drive on the market. The new drive reads Blu-ray discs and reads and writes CD/DVDs--in other words, this is the perfect drive for your bargain HTPC and for those who aren't going to bother paying top-dollar for BD-R media, anyway.

The drive also features a few unique extras that aren't typically seen. It's an eco-friendly drive that features low power consumption and an aerodynamic frame design to lower acoustic noise by preventing pressure concentration in several areas of the bezel and door, not to mention that it is equipped with two lenses for more stable reading and writing: one lens for BD read and the other lens for CD/DVD read/write. Spherical aberration compensation technology (SACT) improves reading quality on a BD drive whose protective layer does not have a uniform thickness, and precision step control technology (PSCT) accommodates the higher resolution in the optical pickup head unit (OPU) position control system that the smaller track pitch of BD demands.

It also ships with CyberLink TrueTheater software for upscaling DVDs to Full HD resolution, and it also supports firmware updates to keep up with those pesky Profile x.x updates. It'll be available starting in November for an undisclosed amount.
Via:  Business Wire
kid007 5 years ago

I would say under $200 would be the ideal price...

gibbersome 5 years ago

Lol, "undisclosed amount" is an interesting phrase!

Good new development, in a few months this will even be affordable. :)

tjmmcn 5 years ago

I would have thought by now that we would have seen more of these at a much cheaper price point. The optical drive industry used to move so swiftly.

ClemSnide 5 years ago

I'd go lower, kid007. You can get a Blu-ray reader and a DVD recorder separately for under $100. True, it cuts down on the number of cup-holders in your system, but how much would you pay for that convenience?

Lev_Astov 5 years ago

That's pretty cool. I am especially pleased by how it looks! Most drives these days are all boring, with their plethora of "Compact Disc" logos all over the front. I'll probably get this when it comes around if it does indeed look as pretty as the render. Also, I have an old Samsung DVD drive, and it's the quietest drive I've ever had, so I imagine this one will be at least as nice.

realneil 5 years ago

I like this drive and will probably upgrade to it as long as I don't have to sell one of the kids to get it.

It looks good and Samsung makes good products usually.

Soupstyle 5 years ago

If it retails for under $95 dollars, I'd think about adopting blue-ray.

3vi1 5 years ago

I agree with you guys about the price point. It's got to get to below $200 before it becomes the norm, and below $100 before it becomes a no-brainer.

But, it will take blu-ray a while to get there.

Back when CD burners first came out, their storage capacity was so much better than the other options that we jumped at them. The novelty of being able to make your own audio CDs or back up 650MB (when your HD was maybe 100MB) made you willing to part with $2k for a 2x drive that needed $25 media. And to add to that, It used to be that you had to invest a couple of hundred bucks in a good Adaptec SCSI card or deal with ass-slow parallel port connections just to use an external hard-or-tape drive.

Those same motivations don't exist with blu-ray. We have high-speed USB and Firewire ports on every PC, larger thumbdrives and super-cheap externals. We'll just have to wait the manufacturers out... once they've finally made a profit on their early adopters, and everyone and his brother is selling the drives, we'll see the prices drop closer to the actual costs.

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