Samsung's Paying New Galaxy Customers Up to $300 for Old Phones

While Apple tries to sue Samsung out of existence for various patent infringement claims, Samsung is busy trying to steal some of its rival's competitors away. Not just Apple, but anyone who's willing to switch to a Galaxy device (Galaxy S II, S III or Note). Samsung wants your business so bad that it's willing to pay up to $300 for your existing phone, which could help eliminate or take away some of the sting associated with Early Termination Fees and/or upgrading to a new phone before you're eligible.

The only smartphone that's worth the full $300 is Apple's 64GB iPhone 4S for AT&T. If you own the CDMA version, it will net you $250. The way it works is you request an instant quote from Samsung's upgrade website, purchase a new Samsung phone, and then mail in your old device within 30 days. Samsung will cut you a check for the agreed upon amount, provided what you sent in matched your description.

Samsung Galaxy Devices

Android devices aren't worth quite as much, but can still bring in a pretty penny. HTC's Rezound, for example, is worth $200 if it's fully functional, without water damage, and doesn't have a cracked or otherwise busted screen. So is Motorola's Droid Razr Maxx. Nokia's Lumia 900 (Windows Phone) is also worth a pair of Benjamins, while HTC's One X will net your $175.
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insidesin 2 years ago

I wonder how much my old LG full physical qwerty keyboard will get me. Probably not much but I'll keep it in mind when I want to upgrade next month.

omegadraco 2 years ago

Surprised they are not offering up their Galaxy SIII it is a really sweet phone that I would have gladly given up an iPhone for.

AKnudson 2 years ago

Samwelaye is correct, the first galaxy S II was supposed to be SIII, so if your still considering trading in your iphone relish the cool few hundred dollars that ease the pain of leaving your current smartphone behind.

I haven't seen much on the galaxy S III but fo some reason samsung reminds me a lot about the old saying, Ownership is nine tenths of the law, perhaps if they can continue to rapidly increase their market share, apples claims and patent suits will melt beneath the behemoth samsung.

samwelaye 2 years ago

i think they are, up in the top they listed SII twice so one of those has got to be a typo

fat78 2 years ago

I love Samsung and I love my old Samsung galaxy captivate and my Samsung s2. Also the galaxy note has an amazing screen.

karanm 2 years ago

Very smart move by Samsung.

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