Samsung's New Galaxy Player 5.8 Sits Between Galaxy Note And Galaxy Tab

Is there really room for even more sizes of portable Samsung devices? Clearly, that answer is "yes" if you're Samsung. The company has just launched the Galaxy Player 5.8, boasting a 5.8" (960x540) display. That up-sizes the Note by some margin, and makes the 4.8" screen on the Galaxy S III just look small. Android 4.0 is onboard as well, with the newest edition of TouchWiz. It's a media player at heart, not a phone, with 16/32GB of storage, a front-facing camera, microSD card slot, a 2,500mAh battery and a white or black casing. Otherwise, it looks mostly like a giant Galaxy Note, which is sort of hard to believe. Can't quite fit a 7" slate in your pocket? Is the Note just too small? As long as you don't need cellular capabilities, it looks like this thing hits all the sweet spots, and it should launch in time for back-to-school... at least in Samsung's homeland.

nicoletoledo 2 years ago

I dont know about tho. It doesnt look practical to me. And any the infringement of pateents the round edges patent. But in any case its samsung so its good product. Nice specs just like a porche you got the boxter carrera and the 911 gotta have sumthing inbetween you know

rapid1 2 years ago

Yeah we will never see this in the US thanks to Apple I am pretty sure.

Erakith 2 years ago

All this furor over Apple and Samsung has left me really wanting a Samsung device to show solidarity.

SIII? Perhaps. :3

This thing looks pretty nice though, I'd get it in a deeper color though. White is meh.

sevags 2 years ago

So pointless. I would rather carry around a 3.5" phone and 10" tablet at the same time.

AKnudson 2 years ago

Samsung will continue to push the bounds and try new sizes until it proves a single model as the golden child of tablet sizes.

The new tablet is an attempt to see how much market is left and how much farther tablet makers should be pushing. I can't imagine Sony adding a model along the lines of 5 in but unfolds to 10. Or slides or something of the sort.

Travelluna 2 years ago

Samsung is very popular in the Asia markets, I have not seen this here at all.

DDK 2 years ago

Looks gorgeous

RRajan 2 years ago

Fantastic Design.. I didn't like the design of S1 and S2 at all

akcent14 2 years ago

Samsung is really popular in south Asian market and also popular in our country.but i have never seen this mobile phone.but ts look great and hope it will come in our country as soon as possible.

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