Samsung Shows Off Galaxy S III Design Video

While Samsung as a whole is reeling from a $1 billion verdict handed down in the vaunted Apple vs. Samsung patent trial, the company still has to keep the gears turning in the meantime. The Galaxy line overall has been a focal point for Apple, with the original Galaxy S allegedly designed to look an awful lot like the iPhone. But the Galaxy S III is taking on a shape of its own, and indeed, a life of its own. While S Voice may snag some of the traits of Siri, Samsung wants you to know that the device was designed inside and out to be its own creature. In fact, it's interested to see Samsung on the offensive with videos such as these; in truth, it's usually only Apple that rolls out self-glorifying videos telling the behind-the-scenes story about a product. Irony?

nicoletoledo 2 years ago

Indeed its irony. You have to fire with fire. Damn those apple people

SandMulls 2 years ago

Both iPhone and Samsung SIII are great looking. Both companies are really doing good in terms of sales. Right? Some couldn't just get enough and they want more "bulk" revenues.

hanmeing 2 years ago

That texting app looks horrible. I still can't get over how bad it looks. I remember watching a SGS2 commercial with my girlfriend and she chucked and laughed when they showed someone texting saying "Heh, no phone has a texting app that looks like that." Yikes. I can't believe anyone would ever choose Touchwiz over stock ICS. Gingerbread maybe, but not ICS.

I was hoping for more from the new Touchwiz. Like a Sense 4 style upgrade. Oh well. I guess Samsung will have to go thru a few months of disappointing sales like HTC did to get the point.

Jaybk26 2 years ago

After the ruling on that lawsuit this phone is looking more and more appealing.

AKnudson 2 years ago

After having to pay out a billion dollars to their competitors, samsung is going to have to come back in a big way. And they know it.

The new "self glorifying videos" have always appealed to me, i have always been an egotist. Samsung might just pull the rug out from under Apple. You can guarantee that the whole company now has a chip on their shoulders. With the enforced distance in design between apple and samsung it is a big possibility that we see some major changes, more unique then in the past. Samsung will be forced to think outside of the box, and you can bet they will be patenting every move to keep apple locked inside it.

Jaybk26 2 years ago

Last I heard, Samsung is worth $101 Billion (that's such a huge number I feel it deserves to be capitalized), that's less than 1% of their entire worth. It's a hit, don't get me wrong, but it's by no means crippling.

That'd be great if they could do it. But let's be real, in the appeal case they're going to decide that Apple has the patent on mobile electronics, forbidding all competition.

AKnudson 2 years ago

Hahaha, yea that sounds about right.

The only thing is, a companies worth is determined by how many stock holders it has, it is generally pretty close to the amount of assets it has like buildings machinery and branding plus its history of earnings. Just because Samsung is worth 101 Billion, doesn't mean that the company has 101 Billion dollars to spend, so the lawsuit might be much larger than 1 percent of their capital.


Ps. its also the principle of the thing, Samsung was beat in court and they know it. No matter what way you spin it they could lose 1-3 Billion dollars and that's a huge blow.

KAdair 2 years ago

Aha funny way to hit back at apple. I own an iphone but trust me, next phone upgrade just might possibly be an andrioid device. The only reason I don't own an andrioid device at the moment is because the cell phone company im with just started rolling out android devices at the time when i bought my iphone :(

rapid1 2 years ago

As far as the court case w/Apple goes the ruling is at least partially BS and you can guarantee Samsung will just refile. The thing that gets me most is was it not Bill Gates who said they steal freely and that it was more of a compliment than being criminal in action.

mhenriday 2 years ago

I must confess to a hearty dislike for this type of inane self-glorification, but on the other hand, I may not be a typical user and Samsung may have guessed right that far more prospective users will be charmed than put off by these barnyard leavings (pardon my circumlocution, but HH has rather strict filters, so I found myself unable to use the phrase that first came to mind). What they may not have considered, however, is that Apple almost certainly has - despite ample «prior art» on the part of advertisers since those halcyon days when radio «soap operas» got that name - taken out a patent on this practice. If they are not careful, Samsung might well find itself back in Ms Koh's court, answering to another claim from Apple with regard to the latter's patent on «hogwash in advertising». «Pebbles in the stream», indeed !...


NNvn 2 years ago

Designed for humans... "Smart"phones designed for humans ?? Not many people are smart nowadays anyway...

NKR 2 years ago

That awkward moment when the Smartphone is smarter than you :-D

Lead_filler 2 years ago


PKumar 2 years ago

Poor Samsung ...1 Billion dollars

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