Samsung Ships Five Million Galaxy Note II Phablets: Craze Or Just Crazy?

If you were wondering how Samsung's Galaxy Note II would hold up under the intense pressures of the smartphone world, maybe this will give you some sort of idea. Samsung Korea just announced that five million Note II units have been shipped since launch all around the globe, which is up from three million just a few months ago. Of course, many expected the phablet craze to die out about as quickly as it came to pass, but that's clearly not the case. Evidently there's something to be said about including a stylus with a phone these days, particularly one that does as many tricks as the S Pen.

It's still a really impressive figure. The Note II is amongst the most expensive smartphones in the world, with most U.S. carriers selling it for a whopping $299 on contract, and off-contract venues selling it for over $700. It certainly doesn't hurt that the Note II is available on a wealth of U.S. carriers, even regional ones like U.S. Cellular. Naturally, the Note II is also named in a Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit, but it has yet to be pulled from any shelves. Till that day does or doesn't occur, it looks like this 5.5-inch wonder is going to be moving even faster as the holidays approach.

So, here's a direct question: do you Note?
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MayhemMatthew one year ago

No, I do not, but I sell them and in doing so have found a few reasons why people buy it. People dont care much about the size of a device as they care about the feel in the hand. Most phones already need two hand to operate properly anyway. People come to buy styluses from us constantly, including one that does more is a big hit. The outright price, when compared to an GS3 or iP5 isnt that different, but you get a lot more real screen estate. More power too. Battery life is on par for most peoples average use. The downside only exists for people like me, who think the iP5 is too small and the GS3 too big.

rapid1 one year ago

I actually am considering upgrading to one of these myself. I use my smartphone a lot for the GPS and doing web business (accepting, completing, signing of on parts etc) The stylus is a great one, the screen real estate makes everything easier for me to do it. As far as the price yes it is pretty close to the GS3 and iP5 as well so while it is a bit more it is not extensive in amount. They already did one special on my carrier but you had to be eligible for an upgrade and I still have a couple of months until that happens. Yes you can buy it outright but that is expensive compared!

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