Samsung Revs Up Its Own Developers Conference

Samsung has a strong presence in the mobile and home entertainment markets, and to that effect the company has decided that it needs its own developers conference to make sure that devs have the full spate of tools and detailed knowledge of how to create, adapt, and innovate for Samsung devices and platforms.

“As convergence of user experiences and as consumers utilize more devices, even at the same time, the opportunity for developers to be innovative has never been better,” said Dr. WonPyo Hong, President of the Samsung Media Solution Center.

Samsung Developers Conference

Samsung will be hosting more than 40 sessions that will cover applications and services for smartphones, tablets, and TVs, including introducing new tools and SDKs. Topics will include the S Pen; Samsung services such as ChatON, Group Play, Samsung AdHub, and Context Aware; best practices for Smart TV multi-screen environments; cross-platform development such as HTML5; emerging opportunities in gaming; and more.

The event is happening in San Francisco on October 27-29th. Tickets cost $299, and registration is now open.
Via:  Samsung
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