Samsung Debuts Rugged W200 Full HD Pocket Camcorder

Flip Video may be over and done with, but there are plenty of options out there for those who still believe in the form factor. Samsung Electronics has one of those alternatives, as the "multi-proof" W200 pocket cam seeks to bring Full HD video filming to those who just need a camcorder in their front pocket. It features a 5MP BSI CMOS sensor, an f2.2 lens, a rugged shell and the ability to capture video underwater. The W200’s anti-water drop coating also means that the LCD screen will stay free of condensation, even in damp conditions, so you can film without wiping the screen.

The lens also features anti-fog coating that lets steam disperse so you always have clear, blur-free videos and pictures even straight after coming out of the pool. If you're really a fish, you'll make good use of the Aqua Mode setting, automatically sets the ideal parameters for the bright and clear underwater video. There's, of course, a built-in USB arm for easy offloading of content, and it'll capture footage in Full HD (1080p) on the 2.3" LCD panel. With Samsung’s Record Pause feature, users can pause briefly during filming and then resume from the exact same moment. When filming is complete, footage will all be in the same file, removing the need to merge them and making uploading and sharing hassle-free.

You can store footage on the microSD/SDHC card slot, and there's an HDMI output as well as a 1300mAh battery, which should last for around two hours. For $159 (ships in May), it's certainly a compelling option, but would you rather just opt for a point-and-shoot camera that doubles as a camcorder?
Via:  Business Wire
Drake_McNasty 3 years ago

Looks like Toshiba has some competition. I like how this one is shock proof as well as water proof even though it can't go very deep.

omegadraco 3 years ago

Another very nice option to replace the Flip Video for sure. Working in a school building they love these type of cameras versus having a camera that records video.

rapid1 3 years ago

These seem to be becoming somewhat normal or at least from several manufacturers.

rrplay 3 years ago

Several similar products lately but the Samsung Record and Pause feature set this apart for me as a family friendly knock about point and vid .mmm going to have to do a look see to find out if Samsung has the record and pause feature on point and shot camera yep they do

"The Samsung ST93 Digital Camera‘s Magic Frame feature enables user to create poster quality visuals and has built-in Magic frame templates including wall art, Full Moon, Retro film, Ripple, Retro Record and Classic TV. It has also a Panorama Shot mode and Record Pause function. The Samsung ST93 Digital Camera will be available at the price tag of £129.99 in June 2011 in UK." 213.00

chrisoachris 3 years ago

Samsung introduces W200 Full HD Pocket Camcorder. This pocket camcorder has more capacity of recording than bulky camcorders. It is full HD camcorder so it has better resolution and the recorded film should be more clear. It is can be carry in pocket and in hand also very easily.

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