Rumor: Next Gen Radeon Taped Out

While we still don't know if the R700 will be known as the Radeon 48xx, 39xx or some other nomenclature, it seems that the first R700 GPUs actually 'taped out' sometime in December.  As with all rumors, we remind you to take the following with a grain of salt:

“[the] R700 is in the process of being fabbed now, or at least its components are. The component thing is a story for another day, the part that matters is that R700 bits are in the oven now and things appear to be going swimmingly, or at least skatingly if you know what Toronto is like in the winter.”

This could mean products on shelves in March if the parts perform well and no flaws are found in the design.
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Crisis Causer 6 years ago

So soon?  I'm skeptical.  I'm still waiting for the 3800 X2s to be released, let alone anything above that.

mazuki 6 years ago
i like how ati drops one version of it's gpu, then releases the next gen of it after, they don't release new stuff every time like nvidia does, that way the second part is far more matured

we saw this in the 2xxx series being the second of the x1xxx series, the 3xxx series have seemed lacking to me, but with dx10.1 coming out, im very excited to see the next lineup from the r700 that amd will offer

soon i will have my full green machine (green as in amd that is, not power friendly :P)

hope to see some early shots of the die like i got to last time
Drago 6 years ago
AMD/ATI needs to get their act together and release stuff when Nvidia does if not before, and try to get back at least to where they release competitive products with their rival. As it is now Nvidia has been top dog for quite a while now, and AMD/ATI just cant seem to recover. Seriously, the delay of the x1000 series components hurt and put them on a diff relase schedule, and what is worse is that they had to delay further to get anything out. Sure they finally came out with a chip that was a smidgen better than what Nvidia had, but that didnt last long cause guess what Nvidia came back with the 8x00 series cards which AMD/ATI just recently tried to halfway answer in the middle range card segment. They have absolutely nothing right now that can touch Nvidia's top cards, which is down right sad. AMD/ATI need to shape up and get something competitive out there and keep up with nvidia, cause they are getting their arses handed to them in the graphics and processor market as it stands now.
recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

[quote user="Drago"]they are getting their arses handed to them in the graphics and processor market as it stands now.[/quote]


They've been down before as has Intel... it's only a matter of time before things heat up again IMO!!!

Kamrooz 6 years ago

I don't like responding to threads that are over a month old with their last response...But honestly I think AMD/ATI is back on the right track. R700 won't offer better performance than G100 (maybe even g80, since they are stating a 50% boost in performance for r700 over R600). But with the 3870x2 and the mass adoption of crossfire on intel chipsets, plus the crossfire/sli benchmarks, it's easy to see that crossfire scales better than SLI. Even if AMD/ATI don't have the top contender, they do offer multi gpu setups for intel based chipsets, which most new hardware purchasers end up adopting. 

recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

As I mentioned in another thread I'm anxious to see how 2 X2s perform in xfire once drivers come out with support in March. Since I've always gone with Intel chipsets this would be a great option.

Kamrooz 6 years ago

I've been stating the same thng recover ^_^. I'm dying to see crossfirex optimized benchmarks. IMO, ATI is much better on drivers, so really looking forward to what they can do with a dual 3870x2 solution ^.^ 

werty316 6 years ago

This CrossfireX preview could be a good indication of how it'll perform:

Kamrooz 6 years ago

 Those benchmarks won't be very accurate in march. The drivers are not designed/tuned for CrossfireX, AMD/ATI stated the drivers would be released in march. But atleast that site will leave a good comparison to see the difference between 8.1/8.2 to the CrossfireX drivers. ^_^

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