Rockstar Games Announces a "Social Club"

Anyone ever watch the movie The Cheyenne Social Club? Well, this ain't that kind of social club. Thursday Rockstar Games announced the Rockstar Social Club, scheduled to launch (drum roll) on the same day as Grand Theft Auto IV, April 29th (go figure).

Today Rockstar announced a new website called the Rockstar Social Club. Essentially a high tech leaderboard, the first supported game will be (drum roll) Grand Theft Auto IV (surprise!).

Compatible with Xbox LIVE and PSN, players can register starting April 15th to track all sorts of neat stuff they do in GTA IV when it's released April 29th.

We now return you to the drama of Take-Two vs. EA, in 5, 4, 3, ...
Via:  Kotaku
ice91785 6 years ago

How is this different from any other game's "XBL leaderboard stats"? I mean aside from the fact that they game it a unique name....or do they mean its an online leaderboard; I have to get up from my xbox to go online and check out my stats?

From the article, I guess they didn't put too much luster to the story so it sounds "meh" to me....I may register and check it out though and see if its everything Rockstar wanted it to be

frg1 6 years ago

still this type of system in grandtheft auto sounds intersting wonder how it will do 

coolzonestefan 6 years ago

I really hope that on 29th of April they will also announce when the PC version of GTA 4 will be released 

Crisis Causer 6 years ago

Hmm.  Maybe it's like the Halo 3 stat site?  I don't plan to get GTA4 until it's much cheaper, but I'll keep an eye on these features.

ice91785 6 years ago

[quote user="Crisis Causer"]Hmm.  Maybe it's like the Halo 3 stat site?[/quote]


That was the other thought that I'd be kinda cool I guess but GTA isn't a FPS so much as a RPG so the selection of stats collected would be kinda neat to see

frg1 6 years ago

so it should show things like how many cars blown up total money stolen that type of stuff if im correct

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