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Razer Launches MMO-Friendly Naga Mouse, Megasoma Gaming Surface

Razer Launches MMO-Friendly Naga Mouse, Megasoma Gaming Surface

Not sure if you've noticed, but Razer has definitely been on a tear of late. Following up the already impressive Orochi BT mouse and Kabuto surface, the accessories powerhouse has today revealed a new one-two punch over at GamesCom in Germany. Hailed as the company's first ever MMO gaming mouse, the Razer Naga promises to add a whole new level of reality to those who spend hours on end within World of Warcraft and the like.

The mouse, which was tested in participation with leading MMO gamers and community sites such as Curse.com, offers a wild new level of customization and offloads some of the strain on one's keyboard and places it onto the mouse. We get the feeling it'd take a bit of getting used to, but it's nothing you Level 50 warlords can't handle. The Naga boasts a customizable interface for bringing keyboard commands to the mouse, as well as a dozen thumb buttons that can be mapped however you please. The Razer Naga’s add-on software, in conjunction with the supported titles, enables gamers to save unlimited profiles and program thousands of different in-game commands for each character you choose to play without the hassle of remapping every time you re-spec.

Also on tap today is a Megasoma, a so-called hybrid gaming mat. The surface was designed with one goal in mind: to bring the accuracy, comfort, flexibility and durability of a soft mat into a stiffer, sleeker gaming mat. Consider it the best of both worlds, with Razer promising the ultra-durability of a hard mat but also the smooth glide of a soft mat. The company notes that the mat is built with a durable translucent silicone that enables gamers to actually roll it up and transport it, which is way more than most stiff, flat mats can say.

The Naga is expected to ship worldwide soon for $79.99, while the Megasoma pad will do the same at $49.99. Full specifications are in the press release below.

Razer Launches Its First MMO Gaming Mouse, And A Hybrid Gaming Surface

Germany, Cologne – Aug 19, 2009 – Razer™, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end precision gaming and lifestyle peripherals, today announced the Razer Naga™ and the Razer Megasoma™ at gamescom 2009, from August 19–23 in Cologne, Germany. The Razer Naga is the next level in gaming mice for MMO players, tested in participation with leading MMO gamers and community sites such as Curse.com; it gives gamers the competitive edge. Also showcasing at gamescom is the Razer Megasoma, a premium hybrid gaming mouse mat that combines all the best features of a hard and soft mouse mat into one. Product demonstrations will be held at the Razer booth in Hall 9, #C-022 and in the meeting rooms in Hall 4, #A-050
“Gaming interfaces have been growing but there’s a gap in providing gamers a true experience of control in the virtual world,” said Robert “Razerguy” Krakoff, president, Razer. “Razer’s engineering team addresses this issue with the Razer Naga, designed to be unique and innovative by offering MMO players more customization and balance in-game. The Razer Megasoma provides support in utilizing the most efficient gaming environment; it’s a hybrid gaming mouse mat catering to both hard and soft mat users with its optimal tracking performance.”
Razer Naga

Get Imba with the Razer Naga™
The Razer Naga MMO gaming mouse provides uniquely innovative gameplay features. The Razer Naga’s customizable interface allows gamers to program and command the mouse in-game to fit their specific needs. Razer understands the critical features of the keyboard commands in MMO interfaces; the slightest delay or mistake that occurs in raids and arenas can result in a fatal outcome. The Razer Naga’s distinctive 12 button thumb grid is designed to aid gamers by eliminating excessive clicking on the keyboard spell keys (1 through 12) while freeing up the hands to focus on movement and modifier keys. The Razer Naga is designed to offer a different approach to gaming with instant access to many commands at the click of your thumb, making it more convenient and accessible.

The Razer Naga’s add-on software, in conjunction with the supported titles, enables gamers to save unlimited profiles and program thousands of different in-game commands for each character you choose to play without the hassle of remapping every time you re-spec. The ergonomic form factor gives players comfort and optimized control to every button. Razer’s engineers have raised the bar as the new interfaces of this gaming mouse bridges the gap between the game, peripheral and the user with customization, stimulating interaction and easy control. With the Razer Naga, get overpowered, get the advantage. Get Imba.

Razer Megasoma™
The Razer Megasoma is designed solely to achieve one goal; to bring all the best features -- accuracy, comfort, flexibility, durability, and portability -- of a hard and soft mat into one gaming mouse mat. The Razer Megasoma is constructed to be a hybrid gaming mouse mat that fuses superior tracking and ultra-durability of a hard mat but also the smooth glide of a soft mat. The composition of the Razer Megasoma is engineered with highly durable translucent silicone allowing gamers to roll it up and take it to LAN parties. The sleek white surface and illuminating embedded logo gives adds a nice, aesthetic touch.

Razer Naga™ Features
COST: US: $79.99, Europe €79.99

Technical Specifications:

    * 5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5G Laser Sensor
    * 1000Hz Ultrapolling™ / 1ms response time
    * 200 inches per second max tracking speed
    * Zero-acoustic Ultraslick™ Teflon feet
    * 17 MMO-optimized buttons (including 12 button thumb grid)
    * Optional MMO-specific software AddOns
    * Unlimited character profiles with AddOns
    * Approximate size:  116L x 69W x 41.6H (in mm)

Razer Megasoma™
COST: US: $49.99, Europe €49.99


    * Exclusive ambient glow
    * Optimal performance for both laser and optical mice
    * Silicon Mouse Mat for pinpoint precise tracking and optimal grip
    * Extra large mouse mat suited for most gaming environments: 350 X 230 X 2 mm

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The real question is, is the cord durable. I've had about 4 Logitech G5's and one Razer Pro|Click... They've all randomly started shutting off on me. Being I used them on a laptop, I figured the contacts went bad.


The 4 G5's have all died within the span of one year.

+ -

I have a G5 and it died same way that you described. I called Logitech and 3 days later I had a new G5 in hand.

Anyway on to the Naga. Looks like they stuck a phone on the side of it. I don't play MMOs, but in TF2 I have my mouse 4 bound to talk and mouse 5 bound to reload and I still hit the wrong ones every now and then.

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Hmm... I've got a G9 and never had an issue. Love that mouse.

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My gaming mouse is a Logitech MX Revolution, which is cordless. I really like the company, and this one has the combination of buttons in decent positions that it makes WoW a lot more pleasant for me. And as long as I remember to slip it into its charger every so often, it's got decent battery life.


For the left hand I use the Nostromo Speedpad 52, a device made by Belkin but taken over by Razer. This is the one piece of equipment that I can't do without. It's a gaming-centric keypad with 14 keys, a mouse wheel, two thumb buttons, and a joypad. It's worked admirably with all my MMOs and other games over the life of my various Windows boxes.

I can remember a monster of the early days of the personal computer, a 101-key mouse. Don't see it on Amazon.com? There's a reason. I think three people bought them.

Japan, of course, took to these multiple-key mice with a vengeance. You should know that, when counting this kind of object in Japanese, you don't use "ichi," "ni," "san," "shi" but rather "hito(tsu)," "futa(tsu)," "mi(tsu), "yot(tsu)," etc. The hito-key mouse and the futa-key mouse were popular, but the real hit was the mi-key mouse.

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I used to have a N50 the cheaper one. I loved it. I got it at biglots for $5. I used it for UT2K4. I wanna get the N52 tournement edition.

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i was really excited about this mouse when i first heard of it. i've always wanted a mouse with this many buttons and i love the way razer's other products let you configure everything. however i'm VERY disappointed to learn that they're making this mouse's configuration game addon dependent and that they aren't allowing people to configure it in the same way as their other products. from what i've read they've decided to intentionally cripple this mouse because they're worried about people using macros in WOW which i guess violates blizzards TOS.

I want a mouse to use with my computer, i want to be able to use it with all my software, not just world of warcraft... i play other non-mmo games as well as do graphic design and video editing. i'm not going to switch mice everytime i want to switch applications!!!

razer should be making products as advantageous for the user as possible and should stop trying to act as blizzards TOS police. this kind of behavior is going to alienate their customers.

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