Pokemon Coming To Android And iPhone This Year

One of the most storied characters ever will soon be coming to one of the most storied mobile platforms ever. And then, coming to another one. Reportedly, Nintendo is gunning to bring Pokemon where it has never been before: iOS and Android. That's right, the two biggest smartphone platforms in the U.S. will soon host the cartoon character that no one can ever get out of their head.

According to MobileCrunch, Pokemon Say Tap will have a selection of famed monsters, being part card-game and part rhythm-game. Also, there's no news yet on whether the title will ever venture outside of Japan, but we're sure those with jailbroken devices will devise a way to make the shift. Talk about reigniting an addiction!

Via:  MobileCrunch
LBowen 3 years ago

If they put a full fledged Pokemon game on Android I am not ashamed to say that I would have to catch them all.

animatortom 3 years ago

I rreally hate giving them this Idea but here goes:P

They need to make an angrybirds type of game with the Pokemon characters! maybe one where you can smash them into a wall :) Maybe have Ash throw his balls to the wall and break them so the Pokemon can fight?

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