PlayStation 4 Dropping DualShock Controller Design in Favor of Biometric Sensors and Touch Screen

It's not often that a console company sticks with a controller design for three straight generations, but sure enough, the PlayStation controller that ships with the PS3 is largely the same as the original that shipped with the first PlayStation so many years ago. There's a saying that folks shouldn't worry with fixing things that aren't broken, and we suspect that this is the mantra Sony has been following. The PlayStation's DualShock design is one that's largely beloved, but as the years have passed, controlling a console has become a new art form. Nintendo ushered in a sea change with the Wii Remote, and Microsoft's Kinect placed even less emphasis on the handheld controller.

Of course, Sony has dabbled in motion gaming with Move, but according to a new report on the matter, the company will ditch the DualShock design scheme once the PS4 rolls around. After 16 years, the PS controller that we're familiar with could be no more. Reportedly, variations of the controller include "biometric sensors on the grips and an LCD touch screen," which sure sounds a lot like the GamePad that ships with the Wii U. The PlayStation 4, codenamed Orbis for now, may be revealed in earnest this year, and no doubt the cover will be pulled off of the controller at that point as well.

So, what's your gut reaction? Will it be tough to let go of a design that gamers have used for so long? Or is change just natural as gaming evolves?
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3vi1 one year ago

"3vi1 Dropping PS Systems In Favor Of Companies That Respect Their Customers, don't install rootkits, don't remove features from sold consoles, and don't lose their customers data multiple, multiple, times."

My wife got charged for train tickets in Itally thanks to these ****tards, and I lost Linux on the PS3 (as the other option was to never again be allowed to connect to the PSN network and have my kids play the games they already owned online - like RockBand. I don't care if they create a scarab console I can wear like the Blue Beetle, I'm not buying it.

acarzt one year ago

PLEASE don't change the remote! That is a TERRIBLE idea!

Sevags one year ago

I'm torn on this one... On the one hand the PS controller is very well designed, familiar, and just "works". On the other hand the Xbox 360 is incredibly well designed, more comfortable, familiar, and considered the best designed controller for several years now.

If the new XBOX ships with a new controller that is better than the current one then Sony's controller will fall further behind and be dated. If they refresh the controller and it's a flop they could inadvertently lose gamers to the Xbox platform. I supposed the best thing would be to design a new controller while still allowing current ones to function with the ps4.

karanm one year ago

I'm kinda excited to see what Sony comes up with, as Sevags points out the PS controller is good but the Xbox one is better. So a new design is needed in my opinion, I hope its a little bit bigger so that I don't look like I have arthritis after a gaming session!!

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