PhotoFast GM3000EX ExpressCard Brings USB 3.0 To Existing Notebooks

There's no question that USB 3.0 is a godsend for those transferring huge amounts of data on a regular basis, but what about individuals with machines that lack the protocol? Rather than buying a new machine (a notebook, in this case), PhotoFast are giving users a better and more affordable option: the new GM3000EX ExpressCard.

For notebook owners who have yet to find a reason to utilize their ExpressCard slot, this is a solid option. Slip in the card, connect a USB 3.0 hard drive with the bundled USB 3.0 cable, and suddenly you've got USB 3.0 transfer rates on your existing laptop. No price or release is given, but it should hit the market soon.

Taipei, Taiwan. Apr. 12th 2010 – PhotoFast Global Inc. a pioneer in creative, high quality and extreme performance flash-based storage manufacturer, today revealed its new line up of USB 3.0 accessories. Relied the new standard and host controller introduced to the market, PhotoFast demand to bring even higher transfer rates to meet the bottleneck where every user has experienced before.

The new USB 3.0 standard is a potential opportunity for user to appreciate the full transfer rate from new external enclosure that doesn’t degrades magnetic HDD or SSD. Its new 4.8Gbps band width which is 10 times faster than USB2.0 will increase 3 – 4 times of your existing drives.

We are not the first manufacturer making USB 3.0 host because we wanted to do it right. Before the launch of GM3000EX, what’s available on the market is with a protrudent plastic which needs to be inserted and pull out on each travel. Well, we couldn’t stand it this way so we redesigned a hidden Type A female connector, which makes the whole thing much delightful.

The power supply come out of ExpressCard slot is very limited. The early developed standard allowing us to acquire around 300mA, that is enough for some small portable devices but not magnetic HDD. Instead of other similar products, we don’t offer just an extra cable for getting power from another USB port. We combine it into the same cable that allowing user to connect external USB 3.0 devices. As most USB 3.0 HDD enclosures selling now is with a Type B micro female connector. The split cable (Y Cable) included comes very handy in practical.

- Getting 1 port of USB 3.0 from ExpressCard slot
- USB 3.0 transfer rate is way faster than USB 2.0
- Unique design where hides in the ExpressCard slot
- Split Cable (Y Cable) allows up to 800 mA power supply from the Laptop

Via:  PhotoFast
Devhux 4 years ago

It's a little hard to tell from that picture, but is the connector actually flush with the card itself, or is there a bulge at the end that would stick out from the edge of the notebook?

I have the Kingwin USB 3.0 Expresscard that has 2 USB 3.0 ports, and it does stick out a fair bit from my laptop. The benefit of course is that it has 2 ports instead of 1.

Devhux 4 years ago

Hmm, if I had paid attention and read everything in the article, I would have noticed that it doesn't have the added bulge at the end. My fault! :)

RyuGTX 4 years ago

Now we just need more USB 3.0 devices!

Only one comes to mind and that is the Western Digital 1TB (I tihnk it was a MyBook series). The nice thing about them was that it came with an adapter to upgrade your desktop to USB 3.0. I believe the downside was that someone mentioned that it was a PCI-e x1 adapter which means it doesn't have enough bandwidth. Not sure, just something I heard. Can anyone confirm?

Devhux 4 years ago

There are some SATA HDD docks as well that support USB 3.0. I also believe OCZ or another company is coming out with a USB 3.0 SSD/Flash drive

Der Meister 4 years ago

Frys electronics had a 1tb wester digital mybook usb 3.0 for 149.99 a few weeks ago... I had to keep my hands in my pockets as I walked by that one... 

RyuGTX 4 years ago

[quote user="Devhux"]

There are some SATA HDD docks as well that support USB 3.0. I also believe OCZ or another company is coming out with a USB 3.0 SSD/Flash drive



Would like to see more enclosures and external drives because I don't want my internal drives sitting out in the open for long periods of time.


Inspector 4 years ago

LOL der, You get home and as your sit down you feel something in your pockets and as you pull it out, you go how did this get in here? (O wellz its already at your house and you don't fell like walking about and telling it accidentally fell in to your pocket :D)

animatortom 4 years ago

This is kinda neat, and a possibly good tool for any of the IT guys out there.

I am not sure if your average consumer will be needing this anytime soon.

When it comes to things like connectors it is always best to just wait it out. Looking back there were many different connectors they have tried to introduce, and it always comes down to production costs and consumer needs. They always try and sell you on the fact that something is universal and the one stop solution. then as soon as you get it they come out with something new! Hopefully this will pass quickly and USB 4.0 comes out before we have to go around switching all connectors.

There was talk about a new HDMI connector. Imagine if they changed that one up and everyone had to get new TV's and DVD players, just to utilize the faster technology:P

"Hi I'm Charlie Brown":)

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