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Packard Bell Intros Stylish Ixtreme Gaming PC

Packard Bell Intros Stylish Ixtreme Gaming PC

Packard Bell never has been a major name in the gaming PC arena, but the company is refusing to sit idly by while companies such as Alienware, IBuyPower, Maingear, etc. pump out gaming machine after gaming machine. This week, the outfit has introduced the latest in its small but growing line of gamer-centric rigs, the ixtreme.

The highly customizable rig can be equipped with Intel's Core i7 or Core 2 Quad, and if you're not much on supporting the giant that is Intel, you can opt for AMD's Phenom II X4. Further specs include up to 12GB of DDR3 RAM, 3TB of hard drive space, an optional Blu-ray combo drive, NVIDIA's newest GeForce GPUs and a new exterior that exudes confidence.

Users will also notice a multi-card reader, externally accessible I/O panel, and a unique "My BackUP" key that enables the easy backup of data onto an external store device. What's most interesting about this unit is the relatively low starting price. The ixtreme will ship this month in the UK starting from £599, though we imagine some of the nicer rigs will run quite a bit more.
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I will always hear Packard Bell and see something like this.

Actually trying to find that picture in google has shown me that there are in fact tons fo nice looking PCs and even a nettop made by PB.

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