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PNY Offering Limited Edition OC'd 8800 GTX

PNY Offering Limited Edition OC'd 8800 GTX

PNY has just announced a factory overclocked, limited edition $579 GeForce 8800 GTX card. Here's a quick run-down of some of it more interesting specifications:

BUS Technology PCI Express
Memory Amount 768MB
Memory Interface 384-bit
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) 96 (versus 86.4 standard)
Fill Rate (billion pixels/sec.) 39.7 (versus 36.8 standard)
Stream Processors 128
Shader Clock (MHz) 1450 (versus 1350MHz standard)
Core Clock (MHz) 621MHz (versus 575 MHz standard)
Memory Frequency (effective) 2.0GHz (versus 1.8GHz standard)

At the clock speeds listed above, this card should offer almost all of the performance of the recently announced, and much more expensive GeForce 8800 Ultra.

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Is it me or we are seen more releases of Nvidia GTX and Ultra cards... R600 must be really threatening

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Not Bad, just $30 more than the Regular PNY 8800 GTX...

And compared to the GTX Ultra which is WAY Too Expensive and is Just an OverClocked GTX.. It's a good choice for anyone trying to get their hands on a Top of the Line Nvidia video card...

In another aspect, PNY is not one of the Top Brands, actually they are more focused on the Low End Market, and I don't know how good is their Customer Support / Care.... As well as their Warranty... They don't have the best reputation out there...

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I mean just look at it, the cooler sticker is very well done, gives it a similar aesthetic to that of a finely crafted sports car... Yes I know its a 600.00 card and its fast as blazes, and its a reference board and cooler, but at least now it looks the part. Had to mention as it was the first thought that came to mind and usually that isn't the first though that comes to mind when looking at these sorts of things.

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