OCZ Vertex 4 Indilinx Everest 2-Infused SSD Review

OCZ Technology’s Vertex series of solid state drives have been consistently popular with enthusiasts since their initial arrival in 2009. OCZ has made significant changes with each successive generation of Vertex solid state drives, but generally speaking, each one has offered strong performance and was considered among the best overall values in the consumer SSD space.

The original Vertex SSD was built around the Indilinx Barefoot controller, which was competitive when first released, but didn’t quite perform as well as some of the higher-end drives available at the time. The Vertex 2 and 3, however, featured SandForce controllers and both drives proved to be among the best performing SSDs of their generation. With the new Vertex 4 we’ll be showing you here today though, OCZ once again turns to Indilinx—now wholly owned by OCZ...

OCZ Vertex 4 Indilinx Everest 2-Infused SSD Review

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sackyhack 2 years ago

Very nice. I was kind of a SSD refusenic and actually for a while regretted buying an OCZ Vertex 4 for a while. I kept on trying to figure out how to get rid of, but eventually just gave up and installed it and...I can't go back to normal HDs anymore...

What I did was when upgrading to Windows 7, I installed Windows on the SSD, and used my old HD as the other partition for games and whatnot. Windows completely boots in about 7 seconds or so. The difference became more apparent when I bought a cheap laptop for school with a regular HD, and waiting for this thing to boot up is now torture compared to my desktop.

Anyway, nice review but for me it seems like the price doesn't climb proportionally to how much the space increases, so I think I'll stick smaller ones just for a Windows partition and regular HD for everything else.

Drake_McNasty 2 years ago

Thanks for the review Marco I've been waiting for this one. Ever since they announced they were going back to the Indilinx controllers it's had my attention. After seeing the octane's performance I was skeptical the Vertex 4 would break any records. I'm glad to see it's performance is up there but like you said the vertex line means speed and I was expecting it to beat the vertex 3 in all categories and sit as top dog. On the plus side it looks like ocz is really benefitting from their Indilinx purchase. It will be interesting to see if they convert the agility line over to the new controller as well.

realneil 2 years ago

Good review Marco. These are good performers. The SSD market is really changing fast these days. Prices are going south and performance keeps getting better too.

Also,.....the SanDisk Extreme SSD drives are really looking good to me.

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