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Nokia Intros 5800 Navigation Edition To Keep You On Track

Nokia Intros 5800 Navigation Edition To Keep You On Track

Nokia's much-hyped XpressMusic 5800 was met with high expectations. It was the company's first foray into the full touchscreen world with Symbian S60, and hopes were high that it would really rival the iPhone and other touch alternatives in HTC, LG and Samsung's lineup. Unfortunately, the North American version had some pretty significant issues, and even though Nokia eventually cleared most of them up, it was still widely viewed as a lackluster first attempt.

That said, the 5800 Navigation Edition certainly sounds more appealing. Underneath, the phone is still the 5800 you're used to, but unlike the multimedia-loving original, this one is set up to handle a good bit of routing (and re-routing). The primary difference with this phone is that it's pre-loaded with a lifetime of voice-guided Drive and Walk navigation licenses for the region in which you purchase it. Nokia ships the phone with the nav system already setup, and it even comes with an in-box car charger and Nokia car kit. The nav system also includes local traffic warnings to help you avoid the gridlock, and it's loaded with the very latest version of Ovi Maps in order to provide the most up-to-date look at local points of interest.

It's expected to ship in Q3 of this year for around 285 Euros ($408), though we aren't sure how long North Americans will have to wait to get theirs after Europe indulges first.

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Nokia 5800 is nowhere near the iphone or htc i think nokia should come up with some next level phone to compete with iphone. Upcoming Nokia Aeon ( ) looks good.

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