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Nobody Likes Vista.  Except 40 Million Users

Nobody Likes Vista. Except 40 Million Users

Reports of the unpopularity of Microsoft Windows Vista operating system are widespread -- and according to Bill Gates -- wrong. Forty million copies have been sold already, which is faster than the sales rate for Windows XP. That already exceeds  the entire number of people using anything offered by Microsoft's main competitiors.

Gates also announced several new partners for its Windows Home Server product, including Gateway and Medion. Microsoft has already said HP will have home servers based on the technology later this year.

Gates said Windows Home Server will launch in the autumn. He also said smaller computer makers, known as system builders, will be able to build products based on Windows Home Server. Microsoft has positioned the product as a central repository for media such as photos, movies and music as well as a more seamless way to back up PCs in the home.

Someone's buying Vista. Forty million someones so far. Just not the people telling Dell what kind of Linux to offer that they won't buy anyway and posting "Vista is a bust" messages on Slashdot from an Apple laptop, I guess. 
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Microsoft has created and managed to retain a marketing monopoly and that oil could only be compared. The reason is everyone knew the "Vista" was coming out with glitches we read and saw endless adds from Apple trying to destroy Microsoft Images but at the end of the day Microsoft prevailed and like I always have said numbers dont lie. 40 Million users and still growing I bet a lot of shareholders in Microsoft are happy to see that 40 million mark and that is w/out the SP1 which is coming out this year...

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2 Things..

1st. 40 Million Vista users Why? Maybe because some companies started to just offer Windows Vista with all their Desktops and Laptops.. With most of the time no option for Windows XP.. (So How many of those 40 Million Vista Users have purchased Vista in a Retail store ?

2nd. Ok so 40 Million Vista Users.. and How many of them have switched back to Windows XP because of incompatibility problems or sluggish performance?
And How many of them Are Completely Satisfied with Vista with no Complaints?

So to me that number is not = to Success... (Leaving Money out of the equation)

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I have to admit I'm still not believing these numbers. I think there are a few comments that are spot on, and here's my rundown:
1) How many people have 'reverted'? I have and use Vista for day-to-day computing. It works just fine for most of my gaming needs too, but it does require some fine tuning. Not everyone is into that, so I can't imagine everyone being as tolerant of Vista's compatibility and stability issues as I am. Luckily I got a free copy of the OS from a HP rep who keeps trying to recruit me ;-)
2) How many of these 40 million users are actually just upgrade vouchers that may or may not have been claimed? I have a feeling it's a huge number.
3) How many people do you know who run Vista day in and day out without having another OS (even XP) around as an alternate boot configuration? I don't know even one myself. Here in China most PCs are shipping with a dual boot of Vista/XP or XP only.

The reason for bragging about 40 million sales should not be to simply get a few more stocks sold at a higher price, but to claim that the OS is here and it's ready. For me it's very, very close. I am at the point of RARELY having to go back to XP to get the job done, but it still happens.

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