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Nexaira Launches 3G/4G Broadband Router

Nexaira Launches 3G/4G Broadband Router

It's a digital world we live in, and increasingly so, living without the Internet is becoming a difficult scenario. For those who rely on being connected day in and day out, there's hardly a better invention in the past decade than mobile broadband. WWAN cards, however, are generally stuck to one machine at a time, enabling just you and you alone to surf while your special someone or co-workers sits there with 404 errors. Nexaira is hoping to change that, particularly for small businesses.

Nexaira Wireless has just announced the launch of their 3G/4G SOHO router, enabling an office full of eager workers (or just your family) to connect to a single 3G or 4G cellular data connection. Basically, it takes the 3G or 4G signal you have and distributes that over Wi-Fi; wherever you have cell data, you now have Wi-Fi.

The SOHO router seamlessly connects to HSPA and HSPA+ networks from AT&T, Bell, Rogers, Telus and T-Mobile and EVDO RevA networks from Sprint and Verizon, as well 4G WiMAX from Clear. It's available for $99.95, which sure beats buying up a load of WWAN dongles. Just be sure that everyone doesn't try to login to BitTorrent at the same time.

Nexaira's SOHO router offers:

-- Automated set-up with the intuitive user friendly i3 GUI and desktop gadget

-- Multiple user access to the Internet

-- 300 mbps speeds with 802.11n 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi service

-- Faster 3G/4G connection than using a data card on a laptop computer

-- MSRP at $99.95

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>> 300 mbps speeds with 802.11n 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi service

Can we start suing them now, or do we wait for the benchmarks?

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I've never heard of nexaira. Seems interesting, although you could do this for free using the Wi-Fi Router app for a Windows Mobile phone

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So what about if you have a USB 4G unit.

You still need to get a wireless adaptor for the desktop to route to this so others can leach of it? Then you will end up downgrading the signal anyways.

This does seem like a good idea. I would be interested if I was sure it could be secured. These Clearwire G4 adaptors connect like an always on public IPS. It really makes AVG useless.

I couldn't imagine if I had it connected so others can listen and leach. I know it has a password key to it, but Clearwire resets that when connecting. Those 30GB's per month would be gone in a matter of days.

Other than that, it seems like a really neat product, and useful too! Never having heard of NEXaria, I will have to wait for the competition or at least some closer scrutiny.

now if this thing was built like a Nexus 6, and looked like Pris, Then Oh yeah count me in :P

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Hi guys, I just saw this review, and I wanted to post a quick reply, as a user of the Soho for the last 4months.

I am an AVID traveler, and always need a connection. Hotels really suck for bandwidth.

1) I use a verizon 3g usb stick - simply plug it to the usb port on the Soho and BOOM I have internet.

2) The speeds are VERY fast, as a matter of fact right now i am surfing using my soho. I made a migshift 12v car charger, and we are actually driving right now from LasVegas to LosAngeles I love it!

3) They made an update that I can tether my blackberry, but i need that plan before i end up paying more $. But the update was so simple also. I just clicked the "update firmware" button. Lately there were some updates quit often in the last few months.

4) I do recommend the SOHO router, it is soooo simple to use. Power on, Add USB Key, and go! In the i3 gui I set my own sid and password so no one can thief my data.

I did see an update about it working on the LTE cards but I don't have that luxury, yet.

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