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New Ivy Bridge Laptops From Hewlett-Packard Creep into View

New Ivy Bridge Laptops From Hewlett-Packard Creep into View

If you're shopping a new system, the launch of Intel's Ivy Bridge platform can't come soon enough. In anticipation of the launch, Hewlett-Packard is getting its ducks in a row, which includes quietly revealing three new notebooks built around Intel's upcoming platform, as well as a fourth sporting Sandy Bridge hardware inside.

The first is an HP Pavilion dv4-5000 with an Intel Core i7 3610QM processor clocked at 2.3GHz. Details are fairly light, but we know it's a 14-inch laptop with a 1TB hard drive (5400 RPM) and Nvidia GeForce GT 630M graphics. Then there's the HP Pavilion dv6-7000, a 15.6-inch laptop with the same processor and discrete graphics. Storage options include a 750GB (dv6-7019tx) or 1TB (dv6-7020tx) hard drive, both spinning at 5400 RPM, along.

Rounding out the Ivy Bridge line is the dv7-7000, a 17.3-inch laptop with an Intel Core i7 3720QM processor clocked at 2.6GHz, 2 x 1TB hard drives, and Nvidia GeForce GT 650M graphics.

As for the sole Sandy Bridge system, the g4-2000 is the only one of the bunch to rock FreeDOS instead of Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Depending on the exact model, it will either ship with a Core i3 2350M or 2450M processor, though there are AMD options as well. It supports up to 8GB of DDR3 memory and has various storage and graphics options, all wrapped in a 14-inch form factor.
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The 17" box has two 1TB HDD's in it? Why not go for one SSD in it and one storage drive?

If I bought it, (not likely because of funding issues) I would probably pull one of them out and put it in an external enclosure and go with an SSD and just one 1TB platter drive inside. It would be mighty quick set up like that.

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