NZXT Announces Premium PSU Cable Starter Kit

NZXT Announces Premium PSU Cable Starter Kit

It certainly can be a pain to get all the right cables lined up when building a new system, including getting the right cable extensions if you’re working with a larger motherboard and case. NZXT announced a cable starter kit designed to give you all the basics in one package of premium-quality PSU cables.

The kit includes:

• CB 6V – 6Pin VGA Extension
• CB 24P – 24Pin Motherboard Extension
• CB 8P – 8Pin Motherboard Extension
• CB 8V – 6Pin to 6+2Pin VGA Extension

The cables are all 250mm in length, and the kit will be available in March for $24.99.

We wonder, though: What would you include or exclude in a kit like this that NZXT didn’t?
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Needs at least one 5.25" connector and 1x SATA.

It's a basic kit and if you want uniformity across your cabling then you're going to want the whole shibang.

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Purrrty, but I gotta agree with Erakith, might was well have everything you need in a single kit.

It really could help justifying on spending a little extra on cables for style or functionality compared to the free ones that get the job done

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I like the idea, but one kit to fit them all may be a little over the top Possibly several kits to cover different areas of the build. Also with that there can be several different color kits to match what the builder is currently working on.

Really there are lots of options, just have to see what road NZXT decides to go down. I for one am looking forward to the new toys they will be bringing to the table for all to play with.

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I like the idea, but one kit to fit them all may be a little over the top.

To the contrary; I think you can never have enough cables, especially a one size fits all cable kit.

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