More Game Developers Unhappy With Windows 8

Gabe Newell and Rob Pardo aren't the only people unhappy with Windows 8 and its potential impact on gaming. has conducted an informal survey of its own and found that a number of people in the industry are concerned about what Windows 8 will mean for gaming. The concerns are also more intelligent than Newell's ramble on falling PC margins. Dean Hall, the creator of the popular ARMA II mod DayZ, states: ""PC Games have always been gamers' games, edgy and adapting fast...  I don't think simplicity inherently means something is better, and this is the concern I think many people have with the focus toward touch-screen technology."

This drives much closer to the heart of the matter, and indeed, to one of the core controversies of Windows 8. For x86 users, program installation and updates will largely function as they did in Windows 7, with the Windows App Store serving as another method of acquiring software. ARM products, on the other hand, will have no choice -- the only available software for them will come courtesy of the Windows store.

That's nothing new for tablets and phones, but it strikes at the heart of what makes a PC a PC, and it offers WinRT users what amounts to a second-class experience. The potential threat to gaming that emerges from comments from multiple developers is the idea that Microsoft will wholeheartedly push the touch-centric, tablet-focused idea of what constitutes a game.

Chris Delay, lead designer at Introversion, summed the situation up nicely. "What scares me about Microsoft is how the requirements will grow over time - they won't be able to resist eventually requiring Xbox controller support, then Xbox Live Arcade avatar integration, then tablet touch input, then Kinect support, and before you know it we'll be coding Bing search boxes into our game menus."

Valve is betting on Linux -- and if Tux goes TF2, I might play

That's a rather horrifying thought, actually. Up until now, the concept of better Xbox Live integration on the PC level has seemed like a great idea, mostly because such integration would be optional. If you don't want to deal with it, hey, no problem -- turn it off and rely on Steam. On the PC side of things, that seems likely to continue. For ARM devices, not so much. Microsoft is already keen to play the integration and locked-environment cards, and has claimed that its niche status as a player in these markets gives it leave to do so, despite its PC monopoly.

If there's a counter-trend to balance this, it'll be Microsoft's own deep roots as a company that has historically emphasized keeping its developers happy. Giving programmers the tools they need to create a variety of content has been a core pillar of Microsoft for decades; the company recently backtracked on its plans to kill its free desktop application development product after users insisted they needed the ability to continue to create these apps in the free Visual Studio Express products.

Is classic x86 PC gaming threatened? I still don't think so. In fact, I don't think there's much MS can do to this space without potentially running afoul of the DOJ. More worrisome is the idea that Redmond may attempt to create two entirely different game environments, with 'choice' being something it extends to PC users strictly because it has to. Microsoft is a master of the carrot and the stick, and could easily 'persuade' developers to focus on Xbox Live-integrated content first and foremost. That's a more troubling scenario, and it's something to keep an eye on.
Mike Coyne 2 years ago

I can understand that all of people were upset with new Windows 8. I think it is best to stay away from Windows 8 that will not work on any games. Just stick with very recenty Windows 7 that can run few years old and new games. I'm sure most of you on HH Forums agree with me. We can wait and see how the game can run in new Windows 8 next update to fix the problem. I see no reason to move to Windows 8 to play the games. If you did move to Windows 8 and wanted to play the games then you are out of luck and will have the problems.

inspector 2 years ago

This is sad to watch, they are pushing or in the future maybe even forcing people to go their way. Turning PC into an XBOX is just something i don't want to see happen. I will definitely not be upgrading to windows 8 on my gaming pc. On the other hand i might still go with a windows 8 tablet if it proves worthy xD

Joel H 2 years ago

I'm totally ok with my PC being able to stream or play Xbox content, provided that I hook up an Xbox controller.

Xbox+? That sounds great.

What I don't want is to be locked into Xbox style content or have Xbox content forced into my PC games. Skyrim's ass-tastic UI is a great example of what happens when console demands overwhelm what makes sense for a different platform.

JDiaz 2 years ago

Think this may be confusing hardware platforms... It's not like ARM can run the latest high end PC games even if they were ported into a format that could run on ARM.

So I don't really see the issue with RT being more locked down when it's also running on more limited hardware... Most PC game developers shouldn't have a problem unless ARM takes over the computer market.

rapid1 2 years ago

If I wanted to play Xbox games I would by an Xbox and I do not really care what they do with Windows 8 as I will for now consider it ME/Vista 2 and leave it alone until at the least SP2 and maybe consider it again.

thunderdan602 2 years ago

This is getting interesting. I think though maybe its still to early to tell. Personally, I'm gonna stick with 7, as from what I have read about 8, it really offers me anything that 7 doesn't give me now. And besides, I'm not keen about buying a new OS. I regret getting Vista when I did. The thought of gaming with DX 10 was awesome and it clouded my judgment. Lol.

ricofrost 2 years ago

I think they are just unhappy because they need to configure more because there is MORE devices out there!!!

Welcome to the future!!!! times have change we have touch screens, tablets and smart phones now... shock horror you have to configure your game to run on everything... but guess what... you will have a much larger audience to BUY your game!!!


DHampton 2 years ago

Hope linux is gets more compatibility honestly thats the day I switch and once windows cant do game either it doesnt matter if linux is ready. I am so done with windows and its craptastic everything.

inspector 2 years ago

Microsoft is getting into the trend of having one great OS then bomb the next for some but maybe regain the next one after that.

ricofrost 2 years ago

Lets face it, you will cry about windows 8, reviews will come out about it and people will realize that's its faster and the UI isnt so bad... you will buy it and play your games like normal life goes on...

You wont use linux, people have been saying this *** for years "oh moving to linux!!! no you wont.

Joel H 2 years ago


Funny thing about that. I support better Linux gaming because I like gaming and I like Linux's existence.

I don't want to use Linux full time. But I support choice, and robust ecosystems facilitate choice.

The Windows 8 lock in, and the question of how software development might go--those are genuine, real questions.

insidesin 2 years ago

I already have moved all my normal browsing to Linux and do most of my work on it. I pretty much only use the Windows partition for gaming. If Windows turns out to be a hostile gaming environment, I'll stay with Windows 7 if possible and if for some reason that doesn't work, hello to full time Arch-Linux. At that point my gaming will be on the consoles.

deadmanet 2 years ago

It's looking more and more like I'll be sticking with 7 for quite some time. I'm seeing too much negative towards 8 in regards to gaming. And, that's what my pc is mainly used for. Will have to wait and see how it all turns out once the final build is out for sale, and go from there.

ricofrost 2 years ago

I find this all very funny the OS is reported to be FASTER so if it runs everything faster why wouldn't you move to it for gaming?

I just don't get how much hate there is for the metro ui and then people think its going to be crap for gaming.

3vi1 2 years ago

I'm the optimistic type that likes to believe Linux actually has more than 5% market share.

That said... I expect the Valve work to only push us another 2%... maybe 3... at best.

But, it's progress in the right direction. I'd like to see Microsoft, Apple, Linux, BSD+Others with equal shares of the pie. At that point I think we'd see rapid acceleration towards the singularity.

Unfortunately, I'll bet we have 15 years of touch/feel/software patents between us and that.

This is seriously make or break time for Linux. If Valve doesn't make it in this market... don't expect to see another attempt by anyone for 5-7 years. Vista was a huge opening, but Linux didn't have enough press at the time, nor quite as much focus from distros like Ubuntu that catered to non-nerds in addition to us techies.  If I didn't already own L4D2 on three accounts, I'd be buying it (I'm assuming, like on the Mac, you get the games you own on all platforms). I'll definitely buy anything new from them that I can.

Joel H 2 years ago

Hehe. More like 1.5%.

JOMA 2 years ago

I won't be upgrading, I'll stick with WIndows 7. It would have to be a really big improvement for me to switch. I'd prefer to stick with XP if I could. I don't need all the crap that comes with Windows 7 or 8. I want a small footprint, lean OS, not a bloated whale of an OS.

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