Million Dollar Atom: Intel Offers AppUp Incentives

Intel announced its AppUp application store at Mobile World Conference last month and the company is pushing out an incentive package aimed at luring developers into netbook-centric programming. The new program—the Million Dollar Development Fund—is currently made up of three separate elements: Fast Track 2010, Dollars for Downloads 2010, and the Intel Atom Developer Challenge.

Fast Track and Dollars for Downloads are relatively simple payment programs. For Fast Track, the developers of the top 250 qualifying Atom apps will be paid $500 each, while Dollars for Downloads is a funds matching program in which Intel agrees to pay developers matching revenue (no word on how matching revenue is paid for free apps). The Intel Atom Developer Challenged is a little more nuanced but it's basically the same concept—Intel wants to see developers cranking on Atom apps, and it's giving away free netbooks, components, and other swag to anyone who can demonstrate a talent for building diminutive netbook-friendly apps.

Build a highly-successful netbook app, and you'll be able to afford one of the three things in this photo. Hint:  It's not the netbook or the woman.

Intel's AppUp has a long way to go before it's on a level with the likes of Google or Apple, but it seems a touch early to be claiming that Intel is attempting to compensate for a lack of developer interest by giving away funds. It's true that AppUp is targeting a much more diffuse product base and potential user interests than Apple or Google, but it's not even been a month since the company announced the AppUp beta. It'll take a bit more than 30 days to evaluate whether or not developers and end-users are interested in what Intel's app store has to offer.
Via:  PC World
inspector 4 years ago

Ha so is it the guy in the picture? xD jk (but what is it really? a smile? :D)


i would love to see what apps people come up with though :D

JoelB 4 years ago

/Makes me think I should rework my 'Todo' task list application and submit it....

gibbersome 4 years ago

Intel wanting an app store for the Atom? This looks like an interesting idea, while Intel may be funding this netbook-centric software development, everyone will benefit from it, even AMD and ARM. Oh wait, do I smell a monopoly here?

Joel H 4 years ago


I was thinking of the teacup. :P

gibbersome 4 years ago

[quote user="Joel H"]


I was thinking of the teacup. :P



Heh, your lack of faith in Intel's "Dollars for Downloads" funds matching program is amusing. The woman seems like a cheap date, no? You could take her to a nice restaurant and probably get away with a side salad and a glass of water. Smile

rapid1 4 years ago

As far as it goes gibbersome all she seems to need is a cup of joe. I grind my coffee fresh at home for each pot, so I could make her much better wares here lol.

This is interesting though in many ways. I love open source to begin with, and think it is the future. I also think anyone joelB should put there works up and see where it goes. You have nothing to loose except millions of dollars, that is unless you can trademark it or patent it before you submit it.

I think this is a smart idea from INTEL as well. One thing in particular is I see a good part of the ATOM market going to the Tablet. If these app's (which I am pretty sure they would be) are easily usable on that market segment to, this makes great sense.

Inspector 4 years ago

Joel like rapid said there's nothing really to lose (not even that 1million dollars:P lol) You get a free netbook to work with and if you win, an extra $500 bucks pulse sales revenue :D

rapid1 4 years ago

So JoelH are you gonna submit the app?

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