Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 Support Slated To End July 2014, No Roadmap Beyond That

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 Support Slated To End July 2014, No Roadmap Beyond That

A wise person once said that all good things must eventually arrive at an end, and Microsoft has typically been fairly proactive about giving its user base a heads-up as to when support would end for its products. There's generally an amount of buzz surrounding the expiration of support on a Windows OS, but now that Windows Phone is around, the company has yet another operating system to keep in mind when it comes to long-term support planning.

Recently, the company made clear that Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5 support will cease in July of 2014, giving it around 18 months of support. Specifically, WP 7.5 will see support end on September 9, 2014, while WP8 will see support end on July 8, 2014.

No real surprises here -- that's a pretty long while for a mobile OS to last, but it's also a stark reminder of how fleeting even modern technology is. What you're buying as "new" today won't even be eligible for support by the end of next year. So, any rumors of Windows Phone 9?
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Here's where Microsoft is sucking lately:

They're trying to be like Apple, and keep the cool stuff that's coming under wraps. BUT THEY'RE LEAKING THE SCARY INFORMATION LIKE A SIEVE. For instance, we knew XNA was going kaput months before they ever sad a word.

The bad thing about this is that they don't tell the developers any good news. For all we know, the replacement for WinPhone8 is going to treat WinPhone8 apps like second-class citizens (just like WinPhone8 does with WinPhone7 apps). So... where's the motivation to target the OS as your primary platform?

I got tired of learning MFC,  ATL, and their other APIs long ago, so I didn't invest a second in SilverLight.  I mean, who can say what they'll support in 12 months.  At least with open libraries you know you can still make it work yourself on any platform.

Until MS figures out what they're doing and communicates it properly, I don't think devs are going to treat them as anything but 3rd or 4th choice.

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