Microsoft Showcases Xbox One Dashboard Multitasking In Video Demo

One thing that's going to set the next-gen consoles apart from current-gen is the huge focus on multi-tasking. While the current crop of consoles support a multitude of different apps, switching between them isn't too elegant, and one might cancel another out. A new video showing-off multi-tasking on the Xbox One proves that we'll be dealing with true multi-tasking there. You might even begin to confuse it for a PC.

Thanks to the Kinect sensor found on the Xbox One, users can issue voice commands to get things done. In the below video, we get an idea of the potential here: "Xbox, go to Pacific Rim", "Xbox, go to Activity Feed", "Xbox, record that", and "Xbox, watch TV" are a couple of great examples.

Where the multi-tasking really begins to feel like a PC is when a command like "Xbox, snap Internet Explorer" is issued, where, just like in Windows 8, you can snap an app to the right or left side of the screen, allowing you to continue watching your show on the opposite side, or use some other app.

Overall, multi-tasking on the Xbox One seems to be intuitive, and if it lives up to what's seen in the video, no Xbox One is ever going to find itself lonely given the amount of talking their owners will give them.

Dave_HH one year ago

Would ya look at that. Looks pretty Metro. Go figure. :) I think MS is lining up some cross-platform strength here.

RicoFrost one year ago

MS is on the right track, and yes I do like the metro interface. I really cant wait to get my Xbox One :)

ajm531 one year ago

Wow... I was actually really impressed. that was pretty awesome. The only one that felt really lazy and silly was the one where he asked to go to pacific rim while passing it several times but they way it just jumped in there from where he was at was awesome. This actually makes me want it. Plus the snap feature from Windows 8 is pretty epic as well. Your move sony

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