Microsoft Sees One Million Downloads Of Windows 8 Consumer Preview In 24 Hours

How exactly do you measure success? And how do you do so when you're a company as large as Microsoft? With a monumental market share lead in the desktop OS market, it's not like a major competitor will be jumping up and stealing their crown tomorrow, but there's no doubt that Windows 8 has a lot riding on it. Windows Vista wasn't viewed positively, and while Windows 7 was praised, there is a lot of changing going on in Windows 8 that the jury is still out on. Still, a whopping one million people downloaded Microsoft's Windows 8 Consumer Preview edition in the 24 hours following the company's announcement, and that's no small feat. One million is a ton of people in just a single day, and while it's safe to assume that nearly all of that bunch were enthusiasts, that's still a ton of loyal people willing to try out new software. Windows 8 still has a lot to prove, yes, but one thing is clear: people are at least interested in it, if not outright excited by its prospects.

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sackyhack 2 years ago

Anybody try it? It seems to be so tablet centric. How desktop friendly is it??

digitaldd 2 years ago

I have it installed in a Virtual Machine and on a decent system it is way faster than Vista or Win7. Of course I haven't gotten too deep into it yet. Not having a Start menu is kind of annoying at first until you realize you can pretty much add something similar in as a custom toolbar very easily. The Metro apps are both interesting and annoying. I mean do you want to login to Xbox Live to open a video/music stored locally on your hard drive? I would prefer a menu the first time you try and open media asking if you want to use the Metro Music & Video software, use Windows Media Center or use Windows Media Player as the default. And i don't like how they hide the internet options in the metro version of IE 10 so you can't turn stuff off like 3rd party cookies, or clearing browser history as you close the browser.


Welcome to Microsoft always tracking you even more so than now.

Kiristo 2 years ago

I still have Vista on my desktop...Not really concerned with Windows 8.

I have Vista still because, with my hardware, I don't have issues like all my memory (12GBs) being used by the OS, and until I deem it necessary to re-load the OS, don't intend to upgrade to Win 7.

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