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Microsoft Ends "Free Software for Monitoring"

Microsoft Ends "Free Software for Monitoring"

This is interesting.  Free software, but you potentially give up your privacy for it.

Microsoft pulled the free software offer from its Web site Tuesday, which made free copies of Vista and Office among other applications available in exchange for feedback.

Users will be required to install a piece of software on their computers for three months in order to receive the software for free. However at the same time the offer may have been tantalizing for some, for others it may have raised privacy concerns.

For example, some of the information collected included Windows settings and usage, details on your hardware, file and folder structure, programs the user runs, and application crash data.

Would any of you HH readers have signed up for this?

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Well you could always install it, and leave it alone and dont use it for 3 months, then get rid of the spying software. Even if they were giving Vista away for free with no strings attached i still wouldnt take it. But basically letting someone put spyware on your computer so you can get a product free is a new low for MS. You know some hacker out there will figure out how to exploit that and really make a mess of things.

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