Lite-On Loses Interest In Digital Displays

Lite-On, the Taiwan-based electronics conglomerate, is selling its digital display business to another Taiwanese company, Wistron, for about $300 million. Wistron itself is a spin-off from Acer.

Lite-On's Digital Display business unit generated NT$82.75 billion in revenues for the company in 2007. Wistron said it hopes to strengthen its LCD display product range and to raise its share in the market.

Wistron, which specializes in system assembly, shipped 700,000 to one million LCD TVs in 2007, and aims to increase shipments to two million units in 2008, according to industry sources. Lite-On has had unit shipments of 8-9 million display products each year in the past, the sources said.

Lite-On makes power supplies, and says it will concentrate on increasing profitability and market share in that sector. Hmm. That's electrifying news.
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higgamo 6 years ago

good they can keep working on making good drives.

Crisis Causer 6 years ago
I rarely have seen Lite-On products that are not DVD drives. I had no idea their display business was that big ($82 billion). In my head, Lite-On is one of the big 3 best DVD drive makers, so hopefully they continue to produce good products there.
twricerocket118 6 years ago
Economics says product differentiation is good, but concentrating on improving a few products is good too

As long as it helps bring down costs for drives then all is well for the consumer
Old School 6 years ago
The 82.75 billion is in New Taiwan dollars (NT). That translates into about US $2.7 billion.

Dave_HH 6 years ago
The display biz is a tough racket these days, at least in the consumer space. And prices are only going lower, thank goodness.
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