Lenovo ThinkPad T410 Review

Lenovo proved at the Consumer Electronics Show in January that it wasn't messing around when it comes to latest generation of notebook technologies. The company has a vast array of options, from tiny to huge, and they span the gamut from casual road warriors to hardcore business users. There's also a machine or two in there for the gaming and multimedia crowd, though you probably wouldn't guess that the ThinkPad T410 was in that category at first glance. This machine, along with the T410s, T510 and W510, received notable upgrades just last month, with Intel's latest Core i5 and Core i7 processors hopping on board to give the classically tough and plain ThinkPad line a much-needed breath of life.

The T410 that we're reviewing today is a ThinkPad through and through. From top to bottom, side to side, there's no mistaking that this is a member of the iconic ThinkPad family...

Lenovo ThinkPad T410 Review

Via:  HotHardware
rapid1 4 years ago

Nice outside strong inside exactly what I would expect from IBM/Lenovo. I like the components especially the GSM/CDMA receiver inside I was wondering when we'd see those hit the market.

InfinityzeN 4 years ago

I've always liked ThinkPads since the IBM days.  Actually owned a couple back before I joined the military.  I think Lenovo is on to something with this design, since it gives the biz user more functionality out of his machine. 

Anything that helps with keeping me enterained while I travel is a plus.  The ability for your work computer to fill that role as well as a multimedia computer is a big plus.

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