Kingston Bolsters Wi-Drive Device Support

Kingston’s Wi-Drive is a nichey product to be sure, but it’s no less useful; the device is a portable, wireless storage drive designed to give mobile device users an extra amount of storage.

Yes, a memory card would do essentially the same thing--add storage to a mobile device--but it’s not always possible to add a memory card (eg, iOS devices), some users would prefer to keep certain files stored on a separate device, and the Wi-Drive is designed to make it easy to share stored data with others.

When we reviewed the Wi-Drive some months back, we noted that support was limited to just PCs, Macs, and iOS devices, but that Kingston had more support options brewing. Today, Kingston announced a hardware update that brings data streaming support to and from any Wi-Fi-enabled device via a Web browser, as well as the ability to share with up to three users at once.

Even better, current Wi-Drive owners can get the update, so they get a the enhanced capabilities for free. (Nice one, Kingston!) You can also just use apps instead of a browser where supported; in addition to the iOS app and (an updated) Kindle Fire app, there’s now an Android app available.

Wi-Drive is available in capacities of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.

Kingston expands device support for Wi-Drive

New Hardware Update Adds Web Browser Access Through Any Wi-Fi Enabled Device
· Portability: Wi-Fi enabled and Flash-based storage makes it the perfect external storage companion on the move
· Casual Sharing: Wireless sharing of documents and media files with three users
· Expanded storage: Wi-Drive adds up to 64GB of storage

Fountain Valley, CA -- May 8, 2012 -- Kingston Digital, Inc., the Flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced a hardware update enabling browser support for Wi-Drive®. The update allows multiplatform wireless streaming of data from any Wi-Fi enabled mobile device via a Web browser. The feature will be included in future shipments and all current owners of Wi-Drive can update their own device. This expansion of device support allows a mixture of users? preferred mobile devices to simultaneously access and share content on the Wi-Drive. With integrated Wi-Fi and four hours of battery life, Kingston® Wi-Drive offers great pocket-sized portable storage (up to 64GB) and easy file sharing for any Wi-Fi device including Apple iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch®, Android devices, Kindle Fire and more.

In addition to access via browser, Kingston also offers optimized apps for the Wi-Drive providing additional features for users. Wi-Drive App1 for Android OS devices is now available. Due to the variety of Android-based devices, Wi-Drive offers the most versatile experience for users so they can choose between the Web browser and App to access and share their media. In some cases, a third-party player is recommended for video playback within the Wi-Drive app for Android.

Minor enhancements and fixes have also been made to the apps for Kindle Fire and Apple devices. Current users of these Wi-Drive apps will automatically receive notice of these updates while all new downloads of the apps will be to the new version. The free Wi-Drive Android App is available on Google Play. It is also available for Kindle Fire on the Amazon Appstore for Android, and for Apple devices in the App Stores.
Via:  Kingston
CDeeter 2 years ago

Now this sounds like a truly useful device. No wires to get tangled, don't have to worry about if you have the right connection for it. If you have wifi on your device your good to go. No muss, no fuss file sharing.

rrplay 2 years ago

yep it sure is I have a one of these a 16 GB version and use it pretty much every day .

Omegadraco 2 years ago

Another thing that is cool from talking to a Kingston engineer at Pax East is that these things have a full API that can be downloaded so that people can build custom applications if they have the know how and the desire.

ajm531 2 years ago

Im curious what is the pricing? Its a cool device but only if the price is right? RIP Bob Barker i think?

karanm 2 years ago

As dave says "Want it"

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