Kindle Fire + iGloLEDset = Wirelessly Controlled Christmas Tree

It's almost Christmas, haven't you heard? And if you aren't quite ready for the holidays, there's really no better way to get there than by picking up a new Kindle Fire and a set of iGloLEDset lights. Basically, these wireless Christmas tree lights can be wirelessly controlled through Amazon's white-hot new e-reader / tablet hybrid, enabling you to pause after Chapter 14 and adjust the tree mood. It's better shown in video, and thankfully, we have one of those just below. The lights are $299, but if that sounds a little pricey, just wait until the 26th to see what happens on the MSRP.

Via:  iGloLEDset
Ivan92116 2 years ago

that video was not at all impressive.

MayhemMatthew 2 years ago

In fact Id argue that it was horrible. Why would I pay that much for LED lights?

Ryan H. Cowley 2 years ago

That's cool but not really that useful.

Inspector 2 years ago

That pretty neat, despite what was said above... Have you seen how much some people put in to Christmas decorations? I would love to have this if i can afford it but i also don't have a kindle :D

AKnudson 2 years ago

Its the perfect, AWWWW YEAH! product for android users. its like the superbowl commercial with the kid dressed as a jedi, the force we all want it.

ajm135 2 years ago

Thats pretty awesome that even a kindle fire can do that. The versatility of android is amazing.

rapid1 2 years ago

The interesting thing to me is that I can now control something as I would with a full size PC from something 1/4" thick and relatively handheld with relative ease and generally inexpensively. Whereas say 4 years ago something like this would have been relatively expensive and therefore out of the reach of many. Now it is what $199.00, I mean "REALLY" that is incredible really, as is or are the speeds at which technology moves today.

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