It's True: Diablo III Unveiled

It's true! It had been widely anticipated that Blizzard was set to announced Diablo III at WWI, and on Saturday it happened. Naturally, Blizzard is tight-lipped about a release date, but based on the amount of time they've been working on Starcraft II, it's no time soon.

Blizzard's already set up an official site (linked). Go there to see (and hear):
  • The cinematic teaser trailer shown at the 2008 Worldwide Invitational
  • A 20-minute gameplay demo video
  • More than 60 screenshots and pieces of concept art Deckard Cain's journal, narrated by Deckard Cain himself
  • And much, much more
Watch the teaser trailer:
Check out the gameplay footage here:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Via:  Blizzard
agawtrip 6 years ago
where's the link??
Marco C 6 years ago
The Blizzard link at the bottom, left...very cool...
Crisis Causer 6 years ago
Never played the first two, but as a StarCraft fan who waited a long time for SCII, I can sympathize with Diablo fans who have been waiting almost as long for this. So good for them. :-)
Iria 6 years ago
Thing is, how long has it been since they announced SC2? Based on the "leaked" release dates via retailers it'll be 18 months before SC2 comes out, vs. the announcement.

My prob? I play both SC and Diablo!
volatile 6 years ago
Is it just me, or does the footage they've shown seen a bit like a mash up of Diablo and Gauntlet? Not that that's a bad thing, granted, both games were addictive, but I couldn't shake that feeling throughout watching the gameplay demo.

I just wish they had gone with a grittier look, don't much care for the cartoony WoW crap, but if graphics are the only problem with the game, I'll more than happily stomach them.
miscpenguin 6 years ago

I was surprised, really, the figure in the icefield didn't resemble Diablo to me. I suppose it was something to say "hell has frozen over", but also probably to confuse with WotLK. Either way, I'm excited. It looks great, and indeed, it has been a long, long time. I hope they've improved the controls a bit though, was never big on the clickfest.

The full splash unveiling!


Savage Animal 6 years ago
I think it's enough to make me replay 1 and 2, can't wait for that to be released.
Anonymous 6 years ago
I wish with the billion's blizzard has made now that they would push for higher end graphics. A new game engine once every 10 years isnt asking much. And I know graphics doesnt = gameplay but i am one of those people who like eye candy.
Savage Animal 6 years ago

I couldn't agree more, about the eye candy that is. I am a sucker for a pretty game, then sometimes I get stuck with a crappy game that looks great!

miscpenguin 6 years ago

I'm kind of digging the D3 look. Blizzard's graphics have always been about style over state of the art, and if that means more people with slightly older computers can enjoy the game too, then all the better.

FSeven 6 years ago

Yeah penguin, seems they went a new direction and adopted the WoW style. I remember at first everyone criticized WoW's art, saying that EQ2 was far more advanced but we all know the end result of that competition. Wink

I reinstalled D2 after getting excited about D3 but it is HARD playing at either 800x600 or in windowed mode on 1680 x 1050 resolution.

miscpenguin 6 years ago

Haha, yeah, it is. I've been replaying with some friends, and we have trouble getting past the second act without getting bored. I don't think it's just the graphics that have aged though, since there are plenty of games that are 10+ years old I still enjoy playing.

I see what people mean when they say D3 has a WoW style, since it is no longer quite so GRIM and DARK, but again, I think that's a good thing. People are always complaining that nextgen games have no colours, and, well, here they are! It looks really nice, and I think the fans will see, it still maintains a serious tone.

recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

Never played a Diablo game before, but would like to try D3.

FSeven 6 years ago

If you get the chance recovering, check out the new Diablo 3 page and read up on the lore from the first two games. It's one of the few multi-sequel games with a good storyline.

RyuGTX 6 years ago

I'm very excited. I hope it is free to play online.


Witch doctor class seems interesting but it really isn't my playing style. I wonder what other new character classes they will introduce.


Licmaey 6 years ago

Yes very excited and hope it can be free to play online.

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