IDF Rattner Keynote: Digital Radios and Spring Meadow

Last winter, Intel made waves by demonstrating a number of cutting-edge technologies it believed could drive the next-generation of lower power devices. In addition to its pioneering work with Near Threshold Voltages, the company showed off Rosepoint -- a prototype SoC that combined a dual-core 32nm Atom with an all-digital radio. As we covered at the time, current radios use a mixture of analog and digital circuitry, with the analog side of the equation consuming disproportionately more power and board real estate.

Today, at IDF, Intel showed off a functional Rosepoint prototype and gave additional details on the evolution of its Smart Connect technology.The upcoming version of Smart Connect to debut with Haswell, codenamed Spring Meadow, will incorporate new technologies to enable the same "all day" functionality for laptops that smartphones currently enjoy.

IDF Rattner Keynote: Digital Radios and Spring Meadow

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rapid1 2 years ago

More and more functionality on less and less space using less and less energy to accomplish the same or more things at once. BEAUTIFUL!

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