Hot Deals of the Day: Windows 8 Pro Upgrade For Cheap and More

Happy Friday all!  Today we've got deal goodness coming all the way from Redmond Washington.  Our buddy Mr. Ballmer cooked this one up for you himself and it's a good time to consider the move to Sir Steve's greatest hits.  We'll be moving test beds here to Windows 8 in the not so distant future but in the mean time we're kicking the tires pretty hard on new tablet, ultrabook and Windows Phone devices.  If you want in on the action too, LogicBuy has a deal for you that also allows instant gratification with a special download rate of $39.99 for the upgrade version of Windows 8 Pro.

In addition to the new look of the Start Screen, Windows 8 incorporates the desktop that you’re familiar with. Think of the desktop as one of the many apps you can run in Windows 8. In the desktop, you’ll see all the settings, devices, and features you used in Windows 7—and you can run the desktop apps you ran in Windows 7, too.

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Engel5272 2 years ago

Has anyone gone through and completed this process yet? Is it possble at all to make the purchase, get your unique Windows 8 keycode, download the installer, and at that point stop? I want to have a legal copy of Windows 8 at this great price, but I am not yet ready to make the switch (or maybe decide later that I actually want to install it on a different one of my machine's instead.)

MCaddick 2 years ago

Yup. Downloaded the downloader thingy, paid, then made a bootable USB drive and .ISO file with the downloader tool. Oh, and grabbed the free Media Centre upgrade offer too. Nice to be able to make use of the $40 deal instead of $70+ after January next year.

I'll probably buy a couple more product keys while the price is still nice and low.

marco c 2 years ago

Yeah, I bought a couple of copies at the discounted price just to keep them on hand.

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